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Headin' to Nova Scotia

Jan 6, 1999

Gonna be heading to Nova Scotia for a month(my home province), so I hope all you guys behave your self while I'm gone(my wife will checking in on yas
) Anybody want me to say Hi to any the boys there? Also, how many of you have been to NS?

Have fun and keep it sharp

I was there just over six months ago on my honeymoon. Absolutely wonderful. Vibrant fall colors, the off-season quiteness, blustery fall winds, a great trip. Spent a few days around Kejimkujik Park (in Liverpool, actually), then four days exploring the Cape Breton Highlands, staying at the Normaway in Margaree Valley. After that spent four more days in a lighthouse in P.E.I., and had to head back home. What areas are you visiting? Have alot of family there?

Biggest regret was not making it into Cliff Stamp's neck of the woods. We're trying to plan a make-up trip to Newfoundland soon to catch up on what we couldn't see the first time, Gros Morne, Notre Dame Bay, St. John's. Who knows, maybe Cliff would let me fling some protons about, or juggle some quarks. Cold fusion anyone?

Your post brings back many warm memories of the people and places we experienced, thanks for the "warm fuzzies".

Don LeHue

The pen is mightier thant he sword...outside of arm's reach. Modify radius accordingly for rifle.

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A lot of my family is in either the Liverpool area or the valley(Windsor). I'll be visiting the above plus spending alot of time in Halifax. I'm glad I brought back pleasant memories for you, it's a very special place for myself and my wife.(thats where my wife and I met)

Have fun and keep it sharp