Headlights are handy

Apr 11, 2002
I recently purchased an Energizer headlight at Wal-mart for 10.88 to test out the headlight concept.

After a late day fishing trip on Monday, that lasted 'till 7pm, I now think they are very usefull.
Tying on lures and unhooking fish in the dark are made much easier with out trying to hold onto a flashlight.
The area I was fishing was very rocky and steep, and the headlight made the walk out easier as well.

The Energizer headlight runs on three AAA batteries, and has one red led and two white leds. The sliding switch is located on top of the light, center position is off, left is the red led, and right is the two white leds.
One thing I liked about the Energizer was the ease in which the single red l.e.d. could be used.This is helpful in keeping your night vision intact. I used the single red led the most. Many headlights come on "high" and you have to keep pressing the switch to get to the lower levels, or the red led, if they have one.

Oh, I almost forgot, the fishing was good, five striped bass and three largemouths.:) Patrick
Jul 23, 2004
heck yeah!

they sure are handy, used one on my last camping venture, and they are unbelievable! chopped wood, walked to woods looking for wood, etc. and had a free hand for it all. did not use it to setup tent, as it was still light out, but if I needed it, then it would have been indispensable then too.

btw, I think I got energizer one too. got a high, low and blink. buddy of mine on the trip had a bigger one w/ 2-light, 1-light and red-light... but it was heavier than mine. mine only takes larger button cells (like watch batts.) his was w/ AAA batts.
May 7, 2004
The Energizer headlamp is one of the best value camp items you can buy in my opinion.
I have a high end Petzl headlamp, that cost $*ahem*, and the (Aust)$15 Energizer does just as good a job.

Sometimes I think we rely too much on brand recognition, and don't fully examine the alternatives.
Feb 4, 2002
Headlamps are essential for blackouts, especially if you have windowless bathroom. Try brushing your teeth with a maglite under your armpit. It's much easier to with a headlamp.