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Dec 3, 1998
The more I'm around knives the more I seem to be drawn to the heavy folders. Yep, I mean the hefty boys. The light weights don't seem to float my boat much....I mean I still like 'em (I like allknives, but there is something to be said about a heavy knife. My current favorite heavy weights right now are the REKAT Pioneer, Buck 110 and PUMA General. I'm sure there are others out there.

Any other big boys out there to recommend? What's the heaviest you know?

Thanks for your help!



Greg - how about the Emerson Commander? Definite big boy with some heft. This is probably the only tactical folding butter-spreader knife I know of

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Here's one for you try a
Vallotton S.O.F.

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My constant carry companion is a Crawford Kasper Fighting Folder. It tips the scales at close to 7 oz. Definitely a solid feeling folder. I have a Rolling Lock KFF on order that will combine the great overall Kasper design with a truly rugged lock.

My understanding is that the Pocket Hobbit is around 8 oz. It looks to be designed for belt carry so it may be a tight fit in the pocket.

Kodiak, I agree with you. If I'm going to carry something, let's make it a goodie. My current favorite carry knife is an A. T. Barr custom, 4" blade, about 9" when open, with a good, solid blade. See it at
http://www.customknives.com/fold6.htm, pix19. It's flat cut with a good belly, so it's good for draw cuts through cardboard or canvas, straight cuts, no veering (as in tanto), no binding (as in hollow ground). This has been my most frequent carry knife for about 2 1/2 years now. With a solid blade like this you're not afraid to put some pressure on a cut. This is NOT the perfect knife, but I'm having trouble finding one I like better for regular carry.


Well, I must confess that I have found myself preferring a large blade folder. This does not necessarily mean a heavy folder, however. With the proper selection of materials, a large sturdy blade can be obtained in a knife of moderate weight.

See the folder made by Kit Carson; it is on the image list here at BFC, images 3 and 4, here is the URL to one:

Kit also made me a Stellite folder with c-fiber and inlaid Ti liner lock. I've no pics of this, but it is a well made, sturdy folder, extremely light in overall weight, yet balances at the pivot point.

A T Barr has made a folder which I acquired, it is similar to the picture AT7 at this URL:

I mention these knives as I find them useful with their large blades, but the overall size and weight is not prohibitive to everyday carry. Walt
I am with you, Greg. I will take a lined G-10 folder over a zytel one anyday. My fav exmple is the REKAT Pioneer. Just enough heft to let you know it's there.

Greg, let me know how that Large Sebenza is on heft!


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Clay, I can't wait to tell you about that large Sebenza but I think I will have to wait a while longer. Hopefully it will be in my paws within a month.



I don't own one of these, but it kinda fits your thread Greg; the Lakota Hawk. I used to know a guy who had one. Sort of Buck 110ish, with lots of brass, wood and stainless, easily twice the heft of a 110. Have not seen one for a long time, don't know if they're still made.
Two suggestions,

Traditional, resonably priced- Camillus large double lock- back Trapper. Just taken out of production, still around if you look. Taditional pattern, modern lockwork. Ask Phil Gibbs about it on the CAMILLUS forum, he designed the patented lock system.

Modern Tac Folder, custom price- Carson large #4...its all you need ,...and then some! Kit's quality is what legends are made of...but you probally ahve heard that by now.

Nothing wrong with a folder on the 'Heavy side', your still not talking about alot of oz.'s, and you can get alot of knife for the job.

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In terms of pure weight, I would say it's one of those:

I own the Sogwinder II and believe it's the heaviest folder I own (haven't actually weighted them). Pommel and bolsters are solid stainless steel and the blade is one of the thickest on the market for folders.

In terms of sturdiness, my vote goes to the products from Greg Lightfoot. His folders are the most bulletproof ones you can own.
Kodiak, I have an Al Mar SERE/Attack that I carry periodically when I am in the woods. It has black neopreme scales with the gold Al Mar "chop". I believe that the blade is about 6" long, maybe a bit less. I note that KnifeCenter lists a very similar model for about $179.00 but says that it is very hard to find. I love mine and wish you luck in finding one.

Another possibility might be to look for a Gerber Parabellum, a very large folder that they once made. Its blade is, I think, something over 4" long and it has a "bolt action" lock such as I believe Emerson is now using. It came with a ballistic nylon sheath with Bianchi belt clips and the sheath could be used to carry the knife with the blade openned, as a fixed blade.