Helle Laminated stainless steel-excellent performance,edge holding and crazy sharp!

Mar 2, 2014
I have a Helle 75 anniversary knife in their triple laminated stainless steel for quite some time,but haven't used it a lot.(I reground this knife to almost full convex zero grind and there is invisible secondary edge on it,hair whittling sharp)Today I had to cut some plastic into small strips,and it took me about an hour of cutting non-stop,as I made who knows how many cuts in hard and medium plastics.At the end ,my knife was still shaving sharp.This steel rocks, no rolls or any sign of dulling.I was really surprised at performance of my modified knife and steel it was made of!Any experiences with Helle's steel performance are welcome! ps.This blows away my Endura in vg10 and some other knives which get noticeably duller in just few cuts in same material.
Yes, the Helle laminated stainless is really a great steel. Have a couple Helle including the one you mentioned.
I couldn't believe it,how sharp it was after I was done.Gave it couple strokes on sharpmaker and now its hair whittling again(much better than vg10,at least on Spydercos that I have,where it seems soft).Rich,you mentioned earlier that you have experience with other Scandinavian makers , how is this triple laminated steel compared to Roselli and Ahti carbon steels?Are they about same ?