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Hello, and a big thanks!!!!

Feb 25, 2001
I just wanted to thank everyone that posts here at BladeForums. I stumbled upon this board last night, and just basked in all of the knowledge and good humor.

I'd been using the same old Barlow jackknife for about 15 years, when the blade became horribly dulled after sawing through a 2 foot walleye's spin column while on a night fishing trip last year. I'd never, until this happened, ever had trouble sharpening it, but this time was different. My father-in-law grabbed the Barlow and proceeded to teach me his age-old method of sharpening a blade with the bottom of a coffee cup. Let's just say that it did more good than bad.

Figuring that it was about time to get a new knife (finally!!!!), I started checking out web boards, online stores, and magazines this weekend. The wife is off to Florida for a wedding, so yesterday was a great day to learn all I could and drool over everything I saw; not to mention making a purchase before she had a chance to complain. My birthday is next week, so I figure I've got a good excuse when the bill arrives.

After reading everybody's comments on different subjects, and reading over knife reviews, I placed an order for a two kives. I picked out a small Spyderco Navigator for an everyday carry-around. I just wanted something really small, which wouldn't turn heads at work. The other was a carbon fibre CRKT M-16 for future outdoor trips. I was after something tough enough to mow through those walleye, while still gentle enough to clean tiny brook trout. While I was at it, I also grabbed some Tuf-Cloth to help keep the M-16 from rusting.

Okay, I'll admit it. My decisions were biased towards the looks of the knives. Call me a cheese-head, but I love the muscular look of a good knife. The look of the M-16 just screamed of big cajones, and the Navigator was just very too nifty looking not to get. I'm a pretty utilitarian kind of guy, so I don't need any of that ornate stuff, just something sturdy looking.

For some odd reason, I have a feeling that more purchases may come in the future. I'm just one of those guys that eternally searches for that holy grail of tools. I started off with some comparatively inexpensive knives, but those big boys look just right for future treks through the Adirondacks.

Just between you all and myself, I read through the great info on knife sharpening this morning. With all of that great teaching, I managed to get my Barlow back to "better than brand new" working condition. I'll have to forget to mention that to the wife. When I have a kid down the road, a great old Barlow pocketknife of his dad's will be waiting for him. :)

Oh yah. I've got a couple questions. If I ever go looking for something to replace the M-16 on my fishing trips (shhhhhh!!!!), do you have any recommendations for a liner lock that has outstanding corrosion resistance? The lakes are wet, and so is the weather generally. My gear seems to be in a continual state of drying out on the back lawn.

Also, which mags are good to read? Are any of them oustandingly more knowledgable and unbiased than the rest? My local bookstore carries 'Knives Illustrated' and 'Tactical Knives'. I really enjoyed reading through 'Knives Illustrated'.

Thanks again everybody!!!!
Ahh... another knife knut is born. Congratulations on your purchase. You were smart to read everything and make a purchase; that is what I do. I take it you have discovered the search function, as that is often times more effective than posting a question.

As far as the question you did ask, I am not that familiar with some of the new stainlesses (like GIN-1 or VG-10) but I have an ATS-34 Benchmade AFCK with a black teflon coating on it. ATS is good for stain resistance anyways, so a coated one may fit your bill quite nicely. Besides, the teflon increases the blade's lubricity.

On that note, you may get recommendations for a Talonite knife. Talonite isn't steel, it is a cobalt alloy. You will never stain it. NEVER. Maybe when your wife gets used to your new found love of knives you'll be able to justify the cost of a Talonite knife!!

"Come What May..."
OK Buzzbait, I'll bite, your a cheese head.
You have a feeling more knife purchases will come in the future? Hang around here and you can be darn sure that will be the case.
Lakes are wet. I like that, you have a sense of humor. Try a knife with a blade made from Talonite or Stellite. They won't be cheap, but they won't rust either.
You have mentioned 2 good magazines(I like Knives Illustrated alot more now that they had the good sense to get Dexter Ewing to write some articles for them), another one to check out is Blade. I like it very much.
Knife World is very good as well, but you will have to subscribe. They do not sell at news stands.
Welcome to the forums, it's great to have you aboard.

Welcome to the Forum Buzz!
You will have a good time here meeting all the other knifenuts. Who knows, we might do some trades, or buying from one another.

Again Welcome, and good luck!

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Awesome first post Buzzbait!

Welcome, Howdy, Salutations, Greetings, and all that jazz...

If you really want to get into knives, read the magazines, this site, knifemakers sites, dealers sites, etc.

Blade magazine, Knives Illustrated, Tactical Knives, and Knifeworld (more like a monthly newspaper) are the Big Four publications

You can get KnifeWorld for three months free here: www.knifeworld.com

Have a look at the offerings from One Stop Knife Shop, www.1sks.com for a good selection of production (factory) knives.

They foot the bills around here and deserve our support.

If you want to see some incredible custom knives that will set your head spinning, have a look some of the stuff on these sites:


To see some of the best knives and knifemakers in knifedom, the web site of the Art Knife Collectors Association is fun to look at (no sales): www.artknife.com

Paracelsus, have fun, get ready to spend some money

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Welcome Buzz. The forum is a great place to get good, solid info from those who know and also to have a good time. I'm also a believer in the Tuf-cloth.
For fishing purposes, consider the Sypderco Catcherman C-17, a folding filet knife with a small serrated portion for getting thru the tough stuff.
Good luck.
Welcome aboard

Come on down to the city, the weekend of the 10th and see the good stuff, up close & personal!
My #1 fishing knife is an old Schrade Sharpfinger, hasn't rusted yet...looks like an old hammer, but hasn't rusted
A little care goes a long way.
BTW: Great handle! Nuthin' like buzzers and bass after dark

Spring is coming!!!
Great post Buzz. This is why we are here and thanks for dropping by. Hang around, you ain't seen nothing yet

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
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I feel sorry for you because you surely have been bitten. Don't try and fight it, just relax and let the steel wash over you. Bankruptcy is just around the corner.

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Tis a sad thing to see so many addicts in the same place at one time
But if you're gonna wallow in your knife addiction like all of us here do! This IS the place to be!

Welcome Buzzbait, enjoy!


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