Hello Jim: Did you ever test the Wootz knife from Roselli?

Oct 7, 1998
I admit that the hunting model I bought from them was rather expensive and I've been shy about scratching it up with cutting tests. It seems to be really hard though. And I love the Wootz patter on the surface of the steel.

The carbon steel butcher's knife I bought at the same time - they call it a steak knife on the website, but belive me, it's a butcher's knife - cuts like nobody's business. I polished the edge on a charged razor strop and that knife has been giving excellt kitchen duty from day one. The rough surface of the steel really makes a levely contrast to the polished edge and the oiled burl grip.

I think that URL was : http://www.roselli.fi/


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The correct Roselli URL:


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Ah! I see we're each waiting for the other guy to scratch up the surface, testing our expensive new knives!

While we're waiting for you guys to get over 'new knife-itis', does anyone know when the production Roselli wootz knives might show up on this side of the pond? Until then I'll just have to depend on my Roselli erapuukko (hunting knife). Like the butcher knife mentioned it cuts great -- excellent steel, a real working tool you don't have to worry about scratching.
I'm pretty sure Roselli has some Wootz knives ready and for sale. I bought mine directly from Roselli. I finally used the knife in the kitchen and found it to cut meat with ease. The steel seems to be really hard. The blade design is about 3.5 mm thick and ground steeply to the cutting edge, so the knife doesn't cut vegetables all that well due to the blade and grind design. The German IWA trade show for firearms, knives etc was this weekend in Nurnberg and Roselli is there, but since I waited too late I couldn't get a pass to the show. :-( He said he was bringing some more Wootz knives with him - he was also suppossed to bring a test sample of Wootz steel from I which I'm going to make a knife. The owner of the shop here in Berlin who sells my knives went to the show on Saturday and I hope picked up the steel sample for me as planned. Once I get it I'll see how large it is and what kind of a knife or knives I hack out of it. Roselli plans to offer the Wootz steel in bar stock to knifemakers as soon as the get the production process really up and running.