• Happy Hannukah, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to all of you! Thanks for your continued support and I hope that your holiday season is a blessed one.


Welcome, Hope you enjoy it here. Stay tuned - a few of us (with me at the top of the list
) may need your professional services one day.
On behalf of all the members, both full and junior, and the moderators and administrators of this list, welcome.

Your input will be welcomed, whether on knives or in your professional capacity.

First a whacko ER doc, now a Crazy Psychologist. What next?

Welcome aboard Adam. Make yourself comfortable and stay a while.


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Crazy psychologist, eh ?
Never met one who wasn't.
Used to work with one who used to talk to himself. Someone said he should get help and he said "what do you think I'm doing ?"


Brian W E
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If I am a figment of your imagination.....please stop it, NOW.

So far, no one has come to my room and ripped my computer from it's wall sockets to stop me from posting... are these great people or what?!
Welcome Adam. You have no idea what you' re getting yourself into!:)^) Or is it we don' t know what we' re in for?:)^)


"To earn a million is easy, a real friend is not."
Welcome to the forums Adam!! Are you going to charge us if we ask you questions??
If not, I have a question. What knife do you carry on a daily basis??

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hey adam...nice to have ya!

u just got 29 more posts to go to be a member!!!

hey guys look...i think i became a member today!!! woohoo!!!!
FYI, I'm psychologist too.
And like bald1, I like fontain pens (zossies mail list, etc.).

Adam, ZoxX. Sometimes a knife is just a knife.

Further, there is absolutely no truth to the rumor that BFC REALLY stands for Blade Dysfunctionals Forums. Perhaps it should, but it doesn't. Walt
WELCOME ADAM, Your in for some fun now! I think we are all crazy to spend so much time playing with our knives...Happy you stepped in!
Thanks for the welcome
Currently I carry a Spyderco Endura, and a Lady bug on my keys.

And yes all shrinks are crazy. They become psychologists to try and figure out what is wrong with themselves. Not one yet has been able to figure it out.
Well to the group....I should have come up with a nick instead of using my own name. Have to think one up that might be appropiate.


Perhaps you can help us with our obsession.

On second thought, nevermind. Let's just enjoy it.

Ron Knight

Yeah I'm crazy, but what do you want me to do about it