Oct 2, 1998
Ok, it's 6:04 am and i'm just ranting here. I'm tired, have too much studying to do, wish I had more money, and more knives. Oh yeah, and this mini socom has got to be the b*tchiest knife to polish ever. It has taken lots of willpower to overcome the urge to throw it really hard out of frustration. WHY THE F DOES Microtech put these grooves on their blade, and i'm not talking regular grind lines, but GROOVES. Look closely, or feel with your finger, try sanding THAT.
Tomorrow I'm taking some diamond sanding paper or something to this thing man.

Btw, you know you are frustrated when you start yelling at a knife.


I will check for ya but I beleive those grooves are caused by the CNC grinder that is used to grind the blades instead of a belt sander. The CNC makes thousands of cuts into the blade, length wise, to get it into the shape desired. The more cuts the less noticable the grooves.

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Well, the grooves are perpendicular to the blade. Maybe that's the way they are cut...