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Feb 1, 2001
I know I should know my product more before I buy! I purchased a Remington R3963 w\Acorn shield. This knife is in very good condition! The clip blade tang contains the circle w\Remington. The spey blade contains the circle w\Remington. The punch contains the circle w\Remington UMC. The question is, did this variation occur in the older Remingtons, with the different tang stampings? Have I purchased a knife that has had a blade replacement? Also if you could give me any good website address' on collecting old Remingtons.
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This is one of millions of questions that is tailor made for Bernard Levin. Antiques can be a pleasure to collect and can also provide some decent investment potential. Especially true of Remmingtons and old Case knives, but you have to know what you are doing.

Unfortunately due to the investment potential they are a popular target for counterfiters and "retro fitters". I will try to post the titles of some books that will keep you out of trouble later this evening, in the meantime try posting this question in Bernard's forum. You will find it on our General Page.

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