HELP: Best direction to Blade show?

Oct 23, 1998
What is the best way to get to the Cobb Galleria from the Hartsfield Airport? Where is the best parking spot? What are the show hours? Will there be a cash bar inside? How about a good steak house or sushi bar near by? How about a good pub near by?

All relevant suggestions are much appreciated.
I've always parked in the parking lot for the Hotel or the Galleria with no problems. It is free and usually the spaces aren't too far from the show. If you are renting a car the rental agency should be able to give you directions. If they don't know where the Galleria is tell them you want to go to Cumberland Mall which is right across US 41 from the Waverly. It seems that a lot of people in Atlanta know where Cumberland Mall is.
The best thing to do is to get you the current issue of Blade Magazine, (the one with the Blade Show lay out and story in it. Then call the Waverly Hotel, and they will give you explicit directions as well as the other information you seek. This I know from past expeirence.

Good luck and hope tosee everyone there.

I printed out a map last year. Go to the site the Senator listed.

From the Atlanta airport, you'll take I-85 North...., I-85 and I-75 converge about 3 miles north of the airport, and remain joined through downtown. about 2-3 miles north of downtown, I-85 and I-75 split apart. Take I-75 north... and be careful. Even though I-75 goes northwest, stay to the right as you approach the splitting of the interstates. I-75 splits off to the right, then crosses back under I-85 (I-85 goes northeast).

About 6-7 miles north of the split, you'll approach I-285. Take I-285 west, then immediately get off at 41 (Cobb Parkway). Turn left on 41, and go up the hill. Galleria is on the left... across 41 from Cumberland Mall.

There's a brand new exit immediately before 285 that *might* be a slightly more direct route, but I haven't explored that yet, so I can't promise anything.