help? blade protectant?

Aug 8, 1999
i was wondering if the illustrious gentlemen of the forum could recommend for me a good blade protectant. what i'm thinking of is for my Assegai spear. i don't want to always have it out of the sheath (leather), but i don't want to just smear vaseline on it. also, whenever my Kukri from Cutlery Shoppe arrives i'd like to be able to use the same stuff on it-although i'd buy something else if it would warrant it. it's the carbon V blade, i guess you'd call it a mirror polish. i appreciate anything you can recommend. hey CHIRO75, did you get my recent e-mail. i said okay, great, great price, etc. if you didn't get it let me know and i'll e-mail the message out again.
thank you very much, Rob. a little effort now saves me much grief and corrosion later!
I have to second the recommendation of Tuf-Cloth. It is an outstanding rust inhibitor and lubricant. I use it for all my blades and even my bead blasted "prone to rust" blades don't have a speck of oxidation. If you purchase some Tuf-Cloth, get the Tuf-Glide to go with it to lube the pivot screw.



Tuf Cloth is excellent. Another excellent and readily available option is paste floor wax. It's available at most home centers. Wood workers use it to keep the cast iron tables on their stationary tools from rusting.

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Boeshield T-9. Originally developed for Boeing airline industries, it' s applications have extended to the bicycle, firearms and yes, cutlery industries. It' s protectant/ preservative qualities surpasses that of its lubricating ones. Available at better bicycle shops.


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Nakano is right. If you want something to spray on then T-9 can't be beat. It's pretty amazing stuff.

If you are looking for something neater to wipe on, then get the Tuff Cloth. Ditto on the Tuff Glide.

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