Help deciding on my next knife

Ellis Wyatt

Gold Member
May 17, 2009
Umnumzaan. I have had striders and now Chris Reeve Sebenza and Umnumzaan. I am about to sell all my Striders. The Umnumzaan is without a doubt the smoothest folder I have ever handled. Lock up is amazing, feels solid as a fixed blade. No contest for me.
Mar 17, 1999
I like my SMF and my Umnumzaan, but I certainly feel that the Umnumzaan is way more worth the price of admission.

The SMF is nice, but lately the Ummi has edged it out for my primary edc. They both perform what I need but I find that I just enjoy fondling the Ummi when I have down time and admiring the precision of it. Everything screams quality, from the crisp and even blade grinds to the smooth, hydraulic feeling operation, to the "fixed blade" lock up. The Strider is good, but the Ummi is ultimate super great!

You will not find a better made knife than the Ummi. You might find one that fits your hand better, has a blade profile you prefer, or some other feature. But there is no better made knife!