Help for a noob please

Oct 20, 2004
Hey guys,

Im very new to the forum so let me explain some things first.
I've completed one knife thus far, that was about four years ago in hillbillychuck's forge (wasnt really forge back then but hey, it got the job done). Ive been fascinated with making more knives since then but was too young to do it solo then, and couldnt spend enough time away from home to start new projects with Chuck. Now im trying to get into it hopefully full-time within the next 10 years, but I have no money!!!

Basicly could you comprise a list of websites where I can get some information for a super noob to the craft? I know practically nothing about knifemaking except that I love doing it. I already plan to buy the $50 knife shop and the wonder of knifemaking but I need to research certain things before I start crafting(like what stock removal means, and different methods of HT and the benefits of them).

Thanks guys, I appreciate any help you can give!
Hey Bro,

Next time you come up here I can show you all the websites that you can go to for help and I also have a lot of stuff on my computer. One of the best ways to find stuff out is to search the archives and see if someone has already asked the question you are trying to answer. When I see you again I can give you a good project to get you started.

Thanks Chuck,

What do you mean by archives? Which archives?

Im really just looking for some stuff to check out while im waiting to get into a shop of some kind. I checked a bunch of images out and have done alot of research, but im running low on things to do. Do you mean the forums archives? if so good idea, I feel kinda stupid for not thinking of that :(

By the way, if Maxx didnt fill you in we will probably be seein you next weekend.
Hey REdneck! Fellow NCer here..Where are you in NC? I do sock removal ( which is taking a flat bar stock and shaping that to a blade using saws and a grinder) because I dont have the space for a forge and anvil. Try getting a cheap grinder from sears. will start you off anyway.....

I can show you a little of what I know but you will never learn it all my friend..............It would be worth your money joining this website. You can search for info that was posted in past threads. Alot of info here to be had. More than books I think!! Save the next 30 bucks on a book and spend it joining as a basic member. 30 dollars I think.....
How does sock removal help in grinding a knife. You grinding with your feet boy ? (Biff)
:rolleyes: :D :D Oll old man has better eyes than I do. Well, If I do sock removal that just means I will make a knife faster because the sparks burn my toes!! :) I am known for my typos...I will have to tell you about a nasty little type I made typesetting a buisness card for a guy who lives in Virgina....think of any wor spelled almost like Vagina...umm I mean Virgina?

I thought I wouls loose my job over that one but the proof had been signed off on!!! So that even made it worse...I loved it though. Very funny...

Now back to knives ;)
Hey Chuck,
Bring him down off the mountain and drag his hide to Trackrock. He can learn all kinds of bad habits about knifemaking and forging from us mongrels.
You can even demo your new forge trick for him.

Then there was two weeks...................................
Soon there'll be one.............................................
Then there'll be no weeks.....................................
and time for some fun!!!!!

Hey guys,

Glad to hear your all interested in seein me at Trackrock, unfortunately I would have to quit my job to get time off right now because the restaurant where I work is under staffed. Wish I could be there, and im sure any tricks Chuck learns he will show to me when he gets back. But I do look forward to seein everyone at the next hammer-in, better beleive im gonna be at that one, anyone know roughly when it will be?

I live alot closer to Asheville (Leicester area) than Chuck does, it takes us about an hour n a half to get to Chucks place from here (traffic is a killer on those goat trails ;) ).

I already spent my $20 last night on Wayne Goddard's "$50 Knife Shop" (traded my girl out some shopping time for the money to buy the book, bad trade on my part if you ask me though...) but I will definately look into buying a basic member subscription so I can check out the previous posts.

I've already made my first knife by stock removal :D that was how I made my first one about four years ago. But I think im much more interested in forging, and I do have the room to set up shop (couple acres of land).

Well back to my book!!!
Names John by the way, its an easy one to remember.