Help ID Benchmade Balisong


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Feb 7, 1999
Does anyone know of a Benchmade Balisong that had Black handles (don't know what they were made out of), with silver color front and rear ends caps, and a clip or utility type of blade?

I am going off of someone elses description of this knife, so I don't know if it existed or not.

If it does exist where can I find a picture?

Thanks for the help.
Could be a custom with Black Micarta inserts.

Maybe they're thinking of a model 160, those have silver dots on the handles.

A lot of people mistake the Weehawk for a clip or utility blade profile. Maybe it's a 259 which would be a Weehawk with, again, silver dots.

BM didn't do a lot of production models with clip or utility blades, especially recently.

Maybe you can post a picture?

Mike and Chuck,
That looks pretty much like what was described to me, BUT without the silver dots. The guy doesn't know what the inserts were made out of. So yes, it could have been a custom, but then again maybe not.
Any more ideas?

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Oh, I know what it is. If it looks like Mike's Dragon Forge Jaguar, but without silver dots, then it's a Benchmade 295BLK or a 295SBLK (the S has a combo, i.e. partially serrated, blade). I forgot about the BLK. That's the same knife as the 295 except the silver dot insert is black and the dots are difficult to see since the rest of the handle is black too. Basically, the insert just gives texture for grip.

It's a Benchmade Economy line knife with a Weehawk blade that was in production for years, a very popular model (though the silver dots were more popular) and was in production until The End (notice that we capitalize The End when refering to the sad day when BM discontinued the Bali Song line) about a year ago.

Current value NIB Mint condition? Well, two similar BM Economies are fetching upwards to $120 each on E-Bay right now. But, that's a really freaky situation there. I'd say more like $55 - 60.

Thanks, Mike, for providing the picture.

Thanks for the info Chuck.
I will let the guy know and then I will probably start a search for one.