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Jan 13, 1999
I recently came across a "Green Beret" knife. Blade is double edged 7.25" long measuring from the guard or hilt. Handle is wooden with brass or copper spacers. Anyone familiar with the special forces crest, it is identical to that knife there. The knife is sterile. Any information regarding it manufacture, history, or value would be appreciated.



You say it is "sterile" did it get the "Green beret" tag ?
Is it actually stamped or marked in some way?
If so, it is not (IMO) sterile.
"Sterile " usually means every effort has been made to disassociate the item from it's source.
Frankly, if it is marked "Green Beret" or with the "de oppresso...." logo, it probably is a cheap effort to cash in on the SF image. Probably in Asia within the past few years.

Some Al Mar products did carry the logo.....but the ones I owned and saw, wore the "Al Mar" brand proudly.

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Not that I could help ID it or anything, but...

a scanned in photo would probably be helpful.


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It got the "green beret" tag from the guy I acquired it from. That is what he called it. It has no markings on it and yes, he was a green beret.

Glenn, it sounds to me like a handmade, possibly ordered by or an SF trooper. You don't say much about quality. It could be the work of established maker left unmarked because it was intended to be used for what it was intended for or it could be the work of some third world craftsman witha file and hacksaw. I think your best bet would be to talk to the guy you got it from.


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