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Help Identify EK knife

Aug 25, 1999
I recently got an EK knife, 12" overall, double edged bellied blade, very similar to the old Gerber Mark II. The full tang grip is wrapped with green paracord, and the sheath is green ballistic nylon. The blade is marked "Korea World War II Vietnam, EK, 1941, Commando" on one side and "Made in USA, Effingham, IL" on the other. The back of the sheath has a sewn-on tag "Handmade in USA, Ek Commando Knife Co., Effingham, Illinois". If anyone can help with dating this knife, or any other information (such as value) I'd be most thankful.
forgot to mention-while the knife is 12" overall, the blade is 6", and has what appears to be a brass guard. The sheath also has a velcro closure.
The knife in question was actually made by
Blackjack Knife Co. sometime prior to their
demise in '96 or '97 (I forget which). To my
knowledge, there is no way to acurately determine the year of manufacture.

I recently sold a similar knife in mint cond.
for $70.

Blade Runner Knives

If it is a bead blasted blade, I think it is 440A. I have the satin finished version and it is 440C. I paid $59.95 for it three years ago.

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Thanks, everyone. Looking at the knife, it appears to be an ideal candidate for some custom G10 scales, and a kydex sheath. I have some good leads on a sheath maker, but who can do the scales?

Try contacting Frank Recupero at ats34@webtv.net to see if he'd be interested. To see some of his work upgrading knives, do a search on his name.

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