Help identify handle on Custom Spyderco Lum c46

Oct 9, 2009
Just got this on today and know nothing about were it came from, I do know the blade is off the grey sprint run c46, the handle is frame lock, overall its made nice, feels great in hand, smooth with solid lock up. The weight is exactly the same as my old black g10 lum. What I need some help with is Handle Material? I thought it might be aluminum (as a frame lock I hope not) it takeDSCN9995.JPG DSCN9996.JPG DSCN9995.JPG DSCN9996.JPG s a small pull from magnet. here are some pics


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It looks like titanium but then it shouldn’t be taking a pull from a magnet.
I checked the pull of mag against my original Ti lum and its the same(but that could be from the liners) so hoping it is ti as it will be a user for me and I am guessing alum would not last to long as frame lock
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