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Help identifying this Benchmade

This BM Emerson was given to me about 4 years ago, and I'd like to know what exact model it is.


Here is a close-up:


It looks like the CQC-7 that I found a picture of, but the blade on mine appears loger (3.75"). Any help is greatly appreciated!

John Gonzalez
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Mineral Mountain Hatchet Works
Feb 19, 2000
BM 975 I think these were discontinued and Emerson now offers a version of their knives. I have one for sale on the forums...Ed.
Thanks guys! I am planning on selling this knife, but am unsure what to ask. It's in good condition, with some minor scratches on the blade and the clip shows some wear.

Thanks again!

John Gonzalez
Exclusive Dealer
Mineral Mountain Hatchet Works
To be precise, it's a Benchmade 975S "Emerson CQC-7". Benchmade offered both the 970 (shorter, I think it was normally listed as 3.375") and the 975, in bead-blast and Black-T ("BT"), partially serrated ("S") and plain (though I think the plain Black-T models only appeared in small quantities, right at the end). They were really popular sellers for Benchmade, right up with there with the AFCKs, until the 97-98 year boundary (is that right?), when the license from Emerson ran out and Ernie declined to renew it. Some months after that, Benchmade released the 910 Elishewitz Stryker, to have a (really terrific) tanto folder back in their line, and then Emerson Knives released their own production version of Ernie's CQC-7 (in the shorter length only).

A 970SBT was my first Benchmade... the steep tanto point and chisel grind make it impractical for utility use, and the liner lock occasionally needed a sledgehammer to release (a not altogether uncommon problem, IIRC), but it did get me started down a long path of carrying larger G10/Ti/ATS-34/(etc.)-based folders, and collecting knives, rather than just owning one or two

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Geez, you won't find much interest for that kind of thing here. Just because I'm a nice guy, I'll offer to take it off your hands for $10.