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Help me choose a backup knife please!!

I'm looking for a good backup/everyday folding knife to add to my small collection. I would like to keep it under $200. I've narrowed my choices down to the following: BM Axis Lock, Microtech SOCOM, Emerson CQC, Emerson Raven. Any input would be appreciated. I already own a CRKT Stiff KISS, Spyderco Delica and BM Stryker. Thanks for the help.
The biggest question is for what type of back-up. Back-up to your firearm, back-up to another knife, back-up as the most knife you can carry....?

Of the ones you listed, I would vote for the Axis. I don't trust liner-locks at all, from any company, of any type (even the mono-lock on the BM Pinnacle). If I'm not mistaken, all except the Axis that you mentioned are liner-locks. I trust the Axis, I have it, it is positive lock-up, and very well made. Sharpness from the factory varies...

I would also pick the axis out of the list you gave, I also own two emerson cqc7's, and I would recommend the spearpoint model over the tanto tip.
O-D has some good points...what is it going to back up? I am not an expert, so I just run on what is logical until someone straightens me out
.....The Mantis I am finishing's purpose is as a backup for my pistol. Generally I refer to it as a "handgun retension device". Being that I carry my gun on my strong (right) side, it seems that my knife should be on my left side. A friend of mine is going to make a leather IWB sheath for me.

The Axis is nice because it can be carried on either side and worked with either hand. I wish someone had one up here for me to look at. I hate taking the plunge on something I have never seen.


Microtech makes an extremely fine product, however you would pay more than for an Axis, and the SOCCOM is considerably bulkier as well - which may be a consideration for comfortable &/or discreet pocket carry. Can't speak to the Emersons. I would also be inclined to go with the Axis for an everday knife - if you were talking about a serious work knife for the outdoors, I would opt for the SOCCOM. Or you could always hold off & wait for the REKAT Carnivour, which looks like it might be the Tyrannosaurus Rex of carry knives!! Drool, drool . . . .
here's another vote for the axis. it has a far more secure lock than any of the others you mentioned. it also works well in a variety of grips. it can be switched from left to right handed carry, and it is truly ambidexterous. plus, you get the great benchmade warranty. imo, the only knife that is maybe in the same ballpark is the rekat carnivour. but, i would still go with the 710 axis from benchmade.

good luck choosing and let us know what you decide.

Thanks for the input folks. At this point it looks like I will go with the Benchmade Axis.

Outlaw_Dogboy - you're right about BM sharpness varying; my recently purchased Stryker was as sharp as a bowling ball when I bought it. I'm packing it up to send it back to BM for sharpening.