help me choose one, and other thoughts


I am getting concerned! First I said I would sell a gun to buy my flute that you recommended, and pmcelrath is talking about selling a gun to get the YCS!! What kinda strange spell are you casting upon us?! Is it you, or some new virulent form of HIKV that Makes us want ot buy ANYTHING even mentioned on the HI forum?!?! This is getting scary. I thought it was only knives I had to worry about, but now I am buying flutes, and have extreme cravings for an HI tomahawk---and the selling guns to support my habits, well, its just disgraceful
I need to go to KKA (Khukuri Knuts anonymos)!

David, WELCOME!!
I would recommend a 15" Chiruwa AK. Not a heavy knife at all, and the slab handle and full tang shift the weight toward the handle, so it seems lighter. It is a compact yet very effective chopper. Stick around, I think you'll really like it here!


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I told Jim yesterday I was wondering if I could get enough for my P220 to buy a YCS and a UBE. Three mags, three holsters, spare mag pouch. OOOOohhhhhh woe is me!!!
Oh Wal,
Man you should see this YCS(the fancy one)it's light & fast, & with the best mirror finish I have"EVER" seen! Turn it hether & yon & light just dances on the blade!hee,hee! The grip, oh yes, the grip just carresses your hand as you hold it, when it cuts the air, the blade just sings!
Too bad they my not get any more,JUST WANTED TO HELP YOU IN YOUR TIME OF INDECISION! hee,hee! Did I make you feel better, I hope so!LOL!

It just dawned on me that right now I have exactly the same number of guns as Khukuris. Would a trade at this point upset some pivotal balance of nature (and would I care, not being too well-balanced anyhoo)...Does the "One in each Hand" theory have anything to do with anything, and what the devil would I use to counterbalance a 25" Kobra?

I feel soooo philosophically challenged. Time for Cheeze-Its, a Coke, and my nap.

Your post came up while I was typing mine. Great consolation...


oooppps - sorry
Maybe a Desert Eagle .50???

I have been wanting one of those for a while, but I find kuks more interesting. I personally am in the "If you cut them in two it will stop'em faster than putting holes in'em."- fan club but suit yourself. It is a free country (for now).
Try leaving the folding stock on an UZI closed for use with a 25". For a 20" sirupati, try a 20 ga. Browning A5 w/ 18.5" barrel ( handles like an MI carbine - soooo sweet! ), and for 30"ers, a 12 ga. 1100 custom riot gun with 8 to 10 shot extended mag, or a Remington 700 Safari grade 458.

For Hanuman, try a 7mm Semi Auto FN 49 and 175 gr. ball like Karamoja Bell used. From enemies to elephants, you're ready.

In my most humble opinion, of course.
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by jim_l_clifton:
Tsk,Tsk! Just trying to help you in your time of need!


Sure you are....grwlr mumble!!

How far can you throw a .50 Eagle? Like back into a cave? Might be an idea Heheheheh
I dont throw firearms, only tear gas and grenades, sometimes backpacks full of TNT or C-4...but that is only...uhhh... nevermind.
I am taking the 5th right now.
Nah....That stuff is too noisy (scares the gators).

Is there a laughing gas grenade? Seems like there should be. Guess he'd only throw them back at me.
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What you say, maybe true about a "True Researcher"but I'm human! The Ycs is just "perfect"now if I can "Scam" Blues &
get his plain one to use I'm set! Should't be too hard to talk Blues into anything! He's easy, it's almost not fair,only person that is easier is you!! hee!

Hmmm... interesting datum....Jim sez he's human....Prolly one of those human beans....and he sounds rather desperate in wanting a YCS....Uncle Bill, send our friend a gross of Durba made YCS C.O.D.
- Have to indulge Jimmy's HIKV ....ain't enough that his cave has soft padded walls..


Boy, it didn't take long for this thread to veer wildly off topic.

Yvsa, I would love to have a YCS, even if they are too "pretty" to actually use. My only gun is an antique double-barreled shotgun (one trigger for each hammer
) that was a gift from my grandfather, and a YCS might be a good companion to it. Hmm, maybe a Kothimoda would be more appropriate.

Excuse me while I go hide the checkbook...