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Help me choose!!!

Nov 11, 1998
Somebody give me an advice on what knife to purchase next. I'm looking at MT mini SOCOM, which is my top choice right now, but i'm not sure if in the end i will be able to make the decision to pay $140 or more for it. I've been thinking about the masters of defense series, but i've read that their quality control isn't that great...
Other choices include: BM pinnacle, but i'm not sure about it's size. I prefer smaller knives, and pinnacle just may be too large for my tastes. Also, i'm not sure about the integral lock. I don;t like the idea of having one scale of the handle split in two, but then agian i never seen one.
There's also a bunch of Spydies that i've been thinking about:
Centofante looks very nice, but i'm not sure about the uses of that spearpoint blade.
Calypso Jr. is very nice, but it's a bar lock and it has AUS8 blade.

Any suggestions? Any input is welcome!
I love the mini socom personally. it's one great knife. And it doesn't cost $140 if you know who to buy it from hehe (spearpoint is one guy). The pinnacle is nice too, but like you said, bigger. I wouldn't worry about the integral lock, it's a great design, as you grip it, the lock gets more secure!
definitely the pinnacle. one good reason - it's not a liner lock. don't worry about the handle scale splitting in two. this is the same lock as the sebenza, which is arguably the best folding knife made. it is way sturdier than ANY liner lock. also, it is all titanium - less rust. it is a very simple, strong design. imo, the it is much better than a microtech, and costs less also. the genesis is nice, but is still a liner lock.

First thing would be to handle as many of the knives as possible. Then check them out with the major dealers on the net. Check out any reviews on this forum.
This will give you a better idea on exactly what features you want/ don't want.
Half the fun of buying knives is deciding which one is next.
If cost is somewhat of a factor, then it would be hard to beat the EDI Genesis I in A2 steel with the hard, black coating. If cost isnt an object, then a Chris Reeves Sebenza in BG42.
Mr. Piatenko,
Have you handled the Mini-Socom?? Did you already know it rided high in the pocket because of the clip placement?? Its a very nice knife, I just don't care for the low clip. I have a friend who has one, and its well built, and the tolerances are tight. Plus he is very quick on the draw with it. I'd say faster then an auto Socom.
I'd take a look at the REKAT knives(maybe the Carnivore), the new Mini-Axis(when it finally gets here), or the Wegner folder from Spyderco(everyone who has one, has only excellent things to say about it). Just some ideas. Let us know what ya finally decide.

Don't rule out the Spyderco Calypso Jr. on account of it being a lock-back. Make sure you get the Micarta version, as it's flat ground. Very nice knife. One of my all-time favorites. I would also echo the opinion already expressed regarding the Spyderco Wegner. If you want a smallish, solidly built knife that feels great in the hand, you should definitely consider the Wegner Jr.

David Rock
Thanx guys!

I already own a Spyderco Wegner Jr., which is my everyday carry choice. It's a on great knife and very hard to beat. The only problem with it is that it's a linerlock. I also have a REKAT drop point pioneer in BT, and it's my favorite knife so far. I used to like my mini-AFCK, but not after i bought the REKAT. The AFCK feels like a toy next to it.

I'm not sure if i like the idea of a high riding knife in my pocket, cuz i don't need it for defense, so quick draw is not an issue. Can someone tell me how thick the mini-SOCOM's handle is? Compared to the Wegner for example. And how heavy is it? My REKAT is too heavy for everyday carry, and i want an alternative to the Wegner.

And also, how big does a Pinnacle feel? If it's just as big as the Axis, then i'd probably get that, although i have my mind set on the mini-Axis whenever that comes out...