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Help me Choose! :)

Oct 11, 2000
Hey all you knife nuts, heres a question for ya:

I am a college student. I have a job, but I am generally low on funds (yup, a girlfriend.) Now, I am interested in purchasing a knife. I have a M16-14LE (police version), and a Kershaw Ken Onion blackout. I am in the market for something sturdy feeling and a nice spearpoint or blade with a false edge. I dont know why, I just like the style. I prefer plain edge. Also looking for a decent steel, VG-10, CPM 440V, ATS-55. (is ATS-34 much different/better/worse?)

Anyway, I was looking at these 3 knives --

Higher Price Range:
Al Mar SERE 2000 (no warrantee info? where can i find it?)
Spyderco StarMate plainedge

and for the lower price range:
Spyderco Native plainedge.

The native has the nice spearpoint I like, as well as the Al Mar. I am tending towards G-10 scaling as I dont have anything like that as of yet, and I like the rugged durability of G-10 over Zytel.

Can anyone offer any suggestions, warranty info on the Al Mar (i SO want that knife!!) rants/raves about either the Al Mar or the Spyderco, etc or any other info that might sway my opinion?


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Here is an informative thread about the SERE 2000. There are links to more threads within it:

I like Spyderco a lot. I am sure you would be more than pleased with the Starmate or Native.

The Al Mar S2K is one of the best knives I have seen. The construction is superb. If I had to choose one it would be the S2K.

Dennis Bible
I would buy the Spyderco Native, even if you do have to get the Zytel version.
I agree with glockman99, I have a Native with Zytel handles and it is a great knife. Also, the size is perfect for me at least.


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The native rules! Also I beleive a g-10 version is in the works. I have heard nothing but good about the sere2k. You may want to check out the Benchmade 730. Axis lock with a great spearpoint shape. Pretty too.

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Do any of you know when the G-10 native will be out? That would be very nice. I wish I could have gotten one of those blue g-10 natives.. they looked sweet.

I like the benchmade 730 but I dont quite know about the colors.. As far as I could see, that purple is the only one available (i might be wrong?) ..

I found a good almar price, so im REALLY leaning now, thats most likely what I'll get.
thanks all!

I have just the perfect knife for you and you can now find them for about $60! Check out the Gerber Applegate-Fairbairn Covert (not the black out version). Item No 05785.

They are being closed out. It has a false edge, good ATS-34 steel and a safety lock feature. This fits your description perfectly.

Check them out at Brigade Quartermasters. www.actiongear.com
You wont regret the Al Mar.

Dennis Bible
Get a plain edge Military. I have had mine for a couple of weeks
Love it! It is now my daily carry while my AFCK is away for repair.


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The BM 730 is available with black handles too, it's called the 732. Also look at the BM 710, which you can get in ATS34 or M2.

I've heard only good things about the S2K.