help me decide BM 730 or Starmate?

Mar 20, 2000
I recently broke my endura and am looking to
replace it. I do not want another endura as
the clip mount and blade tip are both problem areas and would probably break again.

I have narrowed my search down to the benchmade 730 ares and the spyderco terzoula
starmate. I really can't decide. both have
their pros....

on the 730 side, i really like the axis lock,
i like the blade shape, and i like the tip up
carry. steel is decent as us equiv of ats-34.
what i don't like is pretty much just the thumb stud. i also wish the blade was a tad bit longer.

on the starmate, i love the hole opening, the blade seems to be a well thought out and useful shape, and i've heard good things about it's 440v steel...what i don't like is
it's tip down carry, and i also wish it's blade was just a bit longer. im not real impressed with liner locks either, but it's not a big deal as i've heard good things about this one.

my call to you is to help me decide based on your own experiences before i shell out my
100+ dollars. any pros or cons or recommendations you guys have would be appreciated. thx.

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I really can't say anything about the Ares, as I've never owned one.
But I think I'd go for Starmate on this issue.

I have both. I agree about the axis lock, but Spyderco has perfected the liner lock on the Military and the Starmate. I don't think you will have any problems. Both are comfortable knives, with the Ares having the slight edge to me. Of the two I would probably go with the Starmate.

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For both the Starmate and the Ares you said you wished their blades were longer. Maybe you be looking at the BM 710 and the Spyderco Military since they both have blades around 4" instead of 3.5".
ARES or STARMATE - it's difficult question.
In addition to mentioned properties please note that:

BENCHMADE 730 ARES is probably stronger because utilizes thick steel double liners and Axis Lock. Its blade with spear-point configuration and almost full-length false edge is near the ideal for precise stabbing - the best defensive techniques in my opinion. Thicker edge is also stronger. ARES sits deeper in the pocket.

On the other hand SPYDERCO STARMATE utilizes hollow ground blade with thicker spine and thinner and sharper edge. This makes STARMATE better for long precise narrow cuts, for ex. when skinning. CPM 440V blade holds the edge better. STARMATE has flatter package probably easier to conceal and it is lighter. STARMATE has longer blade.

However both knives are great cutting and defensive tools and you can't to go wrong with either. My advice would be - try to handle both knives one near the other and choose one, which fits your hand better.
Or buy both

I'd go with the Starmate. The Starmate is lighter and is the latest generation Spyderco; meaning that the flaws are worked out. As for the BM, my friend has one and let me play with it. I thought that it was a lemon. The blade would rub the liner going in and out. It locked up real nice, but that does not compensate for the blade rubbing on the liner.

Well, just in case you ended up wanting the Ares, our fellow forumite Keninshiro has one up for grabs at the For Sale forum, at a very good price, too.

Having both I much prefer the Starmate..
All the reasons listed already..
Especially ease of opening with the Spyderco hole..
I have had both and like the Starmate. I like the CPM440V and the Spyderhole. The Starmate is a big blade and carries well. Only downside is the carry option, I wish Spyderco would do a ELU selectable carry option...
Originally posted by crazy_horse:
I recently broke my endura and am looking to
replace it.
if you are looking for a strong knife..iwould recomend the COLD STEEL GUNSITE(tanto) or the COLD SCIMITAR for a curved blade
440V is more prone to chipping when struck agaist a hard obeject, ie bone, hard wood etc. Both are great knives however. If I´d been you I´d buy both! Just one? Ok, then I´d buy the Ares. But the Spydie is just as good. Damn, what a choice...
Someday, maybe before my Sharpmaker gives out, I will get my Ares as sharp as my Starmate, but I doubt it. If I were you, I'd go with the Starmate, even as much as I like the axis-lock.

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Why should you have difficulties to sharpen your BM 730 as sharp as Starmate? And how would you compare two knife sharpness?
If shaving hair on forearm - it depends on edge's sharpening angle and finishing care. Put the same sharpening angle on your BM 730, finish the edge equally fine and it will be as sharp as Starmate.

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I have the BM710 - it is a sweet piece of work!
You can pull back on the lock toggle and that allows one to flick out the blade as quickly as an auto...there is no need to touch that blade stud.

I am getting the Starmate as well - if it works out I will have two. One to put away and one to use...

Now I am looking for a used CTII
Got one for me?

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Oh yeah- I know how you feel....
I lost my Endura...and my BM Eclipse...
(man, I got that thing soooo sharp...I hope da bum dat has it now has cut hisself)

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Well, Canada Customs made this exact decision for me last week. I called my dealer who was supposed to be getting a bunch of 730s in, and it turns out they open just a little too smoothly, and were stopped at the border. (so-called "Gravity" and "Flick" knives are illegal up here, even though every liner lock knife I've handled can be flicked with little skill, and they seem to have no border trouble.)

However, I then visited a shop here in Toronto that carries most of the Spyderco line at almost reasonable prices by local standards. They even had the only Starmate that I have ever seen for sale up here, and it was a PlainEdge model as an additional bonus. Needless to say, out came the debit card. So quick and painless... I paid the equivalent of full US retail price but since there don't really seem to be any more plain (or serrated for that matter) Starmates up here, I bit the bullet.

Anyway, Having played with/cut with it for awhile now, I feel that the knife is worth every penny I paid for it. This is my largest folder to date, and the edge is just great. Locks up really nicely, cuts like a lightsaber and shows no sign of getting dull anytime soon. A real nice looker too. I was initially concerned that it is not built like an Emerson or Benchmade, with dual titantium liners and such, but I got over it. The G-10 handle flex is minimal, and it is amazing how light and thin it is for such a big, thick blade. The current top dog in my collection, but soon I'll be getting a shiny new CrN Commander that might change things... :)