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Help Me Decide: Busse #5 or Benchmade Nimravus


May 28, 1999
I was hoping you guys could point me towards what you feel is the better knife between the Busse #5 and the Benchmade Nimravus. I won't be carrying it, but will likely keep it in my trunk and near by when in my house. I would be using it for the typical urban/suburban cutting chores and relying on it to save my skin should the need arise.

Which knife is better for utility, which is better for defense, and which would be the best compromise? Thanks in advance for the help.
Here's what comes with dealer promos on the Busse knives (it's a grin):
"All Busse Basics are made of a new steel named Modified INFI and has a Rockwell hardness of 58-60...it has the ability to flex out to 35 degress and spring back to true and will go to a full 80 degrees before breaking. The handle will hold 21,000 pounds of weight at the blade/handle juncture and springs back to true. This knife will cut 1,623 pieces of 1" hemp rope and still shaves, with a single cut, a Basic #9 will cut 10 pieces of free hanging 1" hemp rope. And last but not least, you can chop 20 2"x4" and it will still shave."

Yikes! What do you think Benchmade can say to top that?

Barry H
You could get both - and use the Busse to dice the Nimravus like a carrot. Seriously, and I like Benchmade, but the Busse will cut circles around the Nimravus, or circles in it. There's no comparison.

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I've got both. The Nimravus is a great little knife, but if I had to choose one, it would be the Busse. While the Nimravus is better for finer work, and more controlled cutting, the Busse redefines "heavy-duty", holds an edge better, and you can even chop with it. I actually use the Nimravus alot more, especially at work, as it is my current "beater" knife (which means I will abuse it until it dies).
Neither is too big for comfortable carry. I use Eric Noeldechen's Concealex sheaths for both.
That's an interesting question[buy the Busse]
There are advantages and disadvantages to each[buy the Busse]. You have to consider the intended use[buy the Busse], your personal preferences[buy the Busse], and the cost/benefits as well[buy the Busse]. I'm sure you'll make a wise choice[buy the Busse].
I'm a big busse fan but I'm not a fan of "rubber" handled knives. Therefore, when I buy Busses, I always buy a combat model. So in this contest, I would vote for the Nimravus. Good steel (not as good as modified infi though) and micarta scales. Not a bad combo for the price.

Having said that, there is something to be said for rubber handled knives. Generally they are comfortable and easy to hold on to. But they break down with time and are subject to chemical breakdown as well. UV light doesn't help them either. But they should last a long time, especially the Busses. The ferrule goes right through the tang so the handle is on there pretty solid.


I get some pleasure from finding a relentlessly peaceful use for a combative looking knife.
I see that the Busse has 1/4" blade stock. That seems really thick for a 5" blade. Is it essentially a sharpened prybar like a Cold Steel SRK or does it have a higher grind line so it can slice at least a little bit?
I have a Nimravus and a Natural Outlaw; I do not have a Busse Basic.

From my limited experience, there is absolutely no comparison for your uses. Get the Busse.

Given your intended uses, which appears to include a lot of stand-by preparedness, and maybe some survival use, I question why you limited your choices to only these two knives. Maybe you just like them, that's good enough a reason for me. So, within your two limited choices, definately get the Busse.
Get a Nim in M2, tough as hell and I love the G10 handle grip. The rubber feel of the Basic 5 has proven unpopular with many of my chums.

I love my Nim, it is one of the best 4-5" fixed blades, anywhere!


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Get both! I agree the Busse would be better suited for heavier work, given it's thicker blade, much better edge holding, and..it's INFI!

But I like my Nimravus and it really is a nice medium sized straight blade. And its steel and design aren't anything to be laughed at either.

You could put nacho cheese sauce on it...

I guess I haven't really limited myself to these two knives, it's just that I feel most comfortable with fixed blades that are right around 5" in blade length. I had a Cold Steel SRK once and it's 6" blade was definately the upper limit of my comfort level. I have fairly small hands so larger knives tend to feel a little unwieldly for me. For instance, I have a 7" KaBar that I received as a gift and it's just too big for me. Secondly I don't want to spend over $150 on a fixed blade knife. But I'm definately open to other suggestions that fit those parameters. I don't know much about fixed blades and the Nimravus and Busse #5 seemed to be the best examples I found in my limited research.
Hey Guys...

Two completely different knives, that can't really be compared...

The BB5 is more of an all around camp/utility/hard use knife...

The Nim,, more of a light use/fighter or sorts.

Both do those jobs, but neither of them do both well.

You have to decide which jobs your going to want to use them for...

My BB5 comes in the bush with me all the time. My Nim doesn't.

My Nim comes on the streets with me,,, my BB5 doesn't...



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Can you only have the one really? I have both but if I could only have one it would be the Busse,They are different enough.... the repirine c handles on the busse are not like the rubber handles on other knives and seem to be doing as billed as far as lasting and being impervious to the DEET and salt water immersions etc...

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These knives are worlds apart. What will you be doing with the knife. In the field I would take the Busse. In the street, I would take the Nim. Busse can chop and pry, Nim can cut and carve. One is a Didge Powerwagon with a grill guard and a winch, the other is a sports car. They are both good at what they do.

If you are not limiting yourself to one of these, why don't you look at one of the very fine Chris Reeve One Piece Range Knives with a 5.5" blade. These rock! You can get spear, clip or the very useful Sable style blades. They come with a first rate leather sheath and Normark makes his fine sheaths for the One Piece Range. Actually, the Sable may be a little bit of what you would have gotten with the Busse and with the Nim.