Help me decide on a new Fixed blade


Nov 12, 2006
Well I have decided to take the plunge and get my first sog fixed blade.
I am looking for something to take with me for hiking and camping. I imagine that I will cook with it as well self defence while on the trail and various other tasks.

Here are my choices in order that I am leaning.

1. Gov-Tac (like the design and looks like a sturdy multipurpose profile)
2. Tech-bowie (love the design but the agressive profile may not be best)
3. Seal pup elite (love the price and simplicity)
4. Daggert II (most likely the worst choice for camp/ best defence/ love the design and looks/ and depending on who you run into illegal to carry in CA)

Right now I am leaning on a Gov-tac.
Anyone have any ideas or input for me ?

BTW Did sog discontinue the Gov-tac?
go with a Tigershark if that is to big go with a seal 2000. If neither of those suit you the best choice on your list is the tech bowie but I really prefer the first 2 I mentioned. A seal revolver may be perfect for you to.
I think your 1st SOG should be a Seal 2000 or a Seal Pup Elite.I'm with Robbie you will need a SOG Revolver at some point.I Started Collecting Knives with SOG's and have many other brands ,but I always come back to my SOG Seal 2000.
I just bought a Seal Pup Elite TiNi straight edge and I really like it. It's a lot smaller than my k-bar, just the right size for light duty camping. Also, some of the on-line shops are offering a nylon sheath instead of the kydex...I got the nylon, and it fits very snug and secure.
yeah the kydex is junk . i used my seal 2000 to build my first shelter , and i got sick of the sheath very quickly.
To answer your last question first, the Gov-tac isn't on SOG's website and that almost always means it's been discontinued.

Fortunately, just because it's (probably) discontinued doesn't mean it's automatically out of stock.

There's a ton of them on eBay right now so getting the Gov-Tac isn't an issue if that's the one you like the most.

My personal suggestion would be the classic SOG SEAL Pup (not the "Elite") as an all around camping knife. I haven't seen any major improvements and my biggest complaint about the "Elite" is what has been done to the top edge.

SOG put a weird set of mini notches all along the top edge. It's not a saw, so it can't cut wood. It's not serrated, so it can't cut rope. The notches also prevent you from having the top clip sharpened or serrated as a third-party modification by a custom maker. If SOG ever made a SEAL Pup with a fully serrated top edge (like the Buck 184 survival knife had), I would be in heaven.

But the "Elite" doesn't have that.

What those notches almost certainly will do is jam up in the material if you need to penetrate deeply with the blade. That is much less likely to happen on the classic SEAL Pup with its smooth, unsharpened top edge. Here's a test you can try at home. Get an old worn out hack saw blade, wrap five inches or so with some cloth as a handle, now push hard with the worn out edge across a wooden log. What happens? There's just enough "notches" to stick, but not enough to cut. Now try the smooth edge across the log. The blades slides smoothly forward. There's nothing jamming up on the blade. That's exactly the difference between the "Elite" and the classic SEAL Pup. The classic SEAL Pup doesn't have any notches to jam up during a thrust. Sharp serrated top edges are a different story.

The Elite's handle is supposed to be better but both Pups seem very comfortable!

Normally, I'd second PatrickJames' suggestion of the SEAL 2000. But since you said you're going to use it for camping, that's a very different story. First, the SEAL Pup is a smaller, handier knife if you're using it for chores around camp. Second, you live in California which is not a knife-friendly state (it isn't a "gun-friendly" state either). The SEAL Pup is smaller and more "legitimate" if another camper or a park ranger spots it on your belt.

SPX Trader raised a very good point. Both the SEAL Pup and the "Elite" can be purchased from certain sellers with a fantastic nylon sheath that completely covers over the handle. It doesn't look like an "edged weapon" because there's no knife handle sticking out. Your knife looks like just another piece of pack gear on your belt (especially if you're clever and you cut off that SOG Knives label). That can mean the difference between "just a few questions" and a lot of hassles!

This seller has the "Elite" and the SEAL Pup classic in all its finishes, the knives come with the good nylon sheath, annnnnnd they even sell the nylon sheath by itself as an accessory!

Well, that's my (slightly more than) 2 cents. Hope it helps!
great advice and help guys

The only reason I wanted a elite (well two reasons really) Is the serrations. I am not a fan of serrations especially on the bottom side of the blade. It didnt appear to me that the original was available without them. Second (this is just an annoyance of mine) I hate how the regular edge of the original pup is abruptly stop with a large gap between it and the handle. I think it asceticaly looks bad and is a waste of potiential edge.

I think if I go the route of a pup it will be a revolver.

No love at all for the Gov-Tac??? I'm supprised, it looks as though it would be a great preformer as well.

Again great Ideas and opinions they did help I am now leaning on a Revolver.

BTW will a revolver fit in a nylon pup sheath?
JFD, if you check the specs of the seller I linked, the SEAL Pup has the exact same blade length as the Revolver and the Revolver's blade appears less wide, so it should fit. Why not contact the seller and ask 'em? It's something they could answer in an instant after a quick trip to their stock room.

As for the Gov-Tac, heck yeah, it's a great knife! IMHO the SEAL Pup or Robbie Roberson's Revolver would be better choices for camping.

The Gov-Tac is more suited to a military role (like the SEAL 2000) and, truth told, a lot harder to justify if you get caught wearing it in California. A knife with a built-in saw is easy to explain to anyone if you're wearing it in an enclosed, very outdoors-y looking sheath while camping. :D
There would be no way I'd wear a fixed blade of any kind in CA. I don’t know if you are from here but it's as bad as or worse than most people describe. That coming from Bakersfield CA, Kern County, most likely the most conservative county in the state. So I will not be wearing it in public. This knife will be taken to the State Parks in remote locations. However, a huge seal 2000 is a bit too much even for the rangers I'd imagine.

I think I have decided to get the Hunter Revolver. Perhaps I will get a nice Bowie or Daggert for home protection/ for hell of it later.:D
As soon as the hard left accomplish regulating FFL's out of existence I suppose owning a knife at all will be illegal. Oh wait double edge knives, auto knives, unfixed bayonets.... Guess they already started.:jerkit:

If anyone pays attention to the # of issued FFL's in CA the last 3 years they would know what I am talking about.:mad:
Sorry got off topic a bit.:rolleyes:
SO .. I think before the week is out I will be ordering a Seal Hunter Revolver..
I’m sure in my excitement I will take pictures and make a post once I receive it.
Thanks again

since you're not a fan of serrations, how about the SOG Recon Bowie ?? Perhaps a little light for chopping down trees around Lake Isabella, but......

Or the new Super Bowie. No serrations and it will handle most everything "outdoorsy" and certainly the biggest steaks at McNally's.