Help me ID this knife(?)

Feb 17, 2019
This is an older knife that belong to my grandfather. Unfortunately I don't know a lot about it.
When it came to me the blade was in very rough shape. I used a lot of elbow grease to clean it as best I could, but i ended up removing most of the markings on it.It use to have "Original Buffalo Skinner" on the side of the blade and "Germany" just above the guard. The rivets in the handle aren't original.

Any information you have is greatly appreciated.

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I agree, could be a Puma. Has a Scout motif on it, no actual tang stamps then?
Knives of a similar form (various blade shapes, usually a metal scabbard) have been produced by many German cutlery houses since before WW2. That blade shape is less common, but I'm afraid it looks to be a rather cheap example. The quality varies. On older models, there was a far more unsavoury symbol than the Fleur-de-Lys, and the youth movement they were associated with was not the Boy Scouts. Often the only markings relate to the country, and sometimes town of origin (eg Solingen). I think Linder still produce similar knives, Otter too possibly, but with a more traditional blade shape. Try doing a Google Image search, and you may turn up a manufacturer.
Yes, think Jack Black Jack Black is correct - would suggest that is pre WW2 Solingen Edge Brand Boy Scout/Hitler Youth
I have a mate whose Dad is German from that era...I actually worked with him many years before I worked with the son in the Fire Brigade. Werner was a bricklayer. The Scouts were in Germany but were made to swap over to the Hitler Youth whether they liked it or not.

End of the day you have a venerable old piece of family history:thumbsup:
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I've seen these type of knives both as products of the Dritten Reich/ Hitler Jugend and Post War Scout ones. Those trying to sell Nazi memorabilia have been known to doctor later knives by putting in faux Nazi insignia to gain higher collector value. I'm guessing here, but I find it somehow unlikely that a knife meant for the domestic German market during the Hitler era would be stamped 'Germany' rather 'Deutschland' ? Of course, export materials will be stamped differently.

Is the blade stainless or carbon?