help me pick 1 EDC

Ive had both and either are great EDC knives. I sold the Delica to get a Mini Grip 556, then sold the 556 to get a MT Mini SOCOM Elite M/A, then sold the MT to get a Spyderco Calypso Jr., then lost the calypso jr.. Next knife will be a Ritter Mini Grip 558 (i think). I would add the Spyderco Calypso Jr. to you list.

Spydero Delica:
Thinner profile (wont notice it if clipped in pocket)
VG-10 Steel
Tip Up Carry
I think $15 cheaper
VERY sharp out the box

BM Mini Grip:
Better handle
Left hander friendly

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I am a complete newbie but the Ritter Mini Grip seems like a very well-made knife in every way for EDC. S30V blade steel, excellent axis lock, handles that won't scratch and that feel right in the hand. Outstanding workmanship and easy one-handed opening.
The one thing I found anoying about the griptilian was when clipped in the pocket the handle was kinda fat and restricted access to my pocket. That in combination with the agressive handle checkering scraping the back of my hand it made it anoying to dig in my pocket for other things. I do have fairly large hands though so it may not be as much of a problem for you.
I own both Delicas and MiniGrips. I recommend the 556 MiniGrip.

The Ritter MiniGrip may be a little too expensive for you, but it's a great knife for the money.

Which ever one you get you will like it. They are all great knives.
Good luck.
I don't have a delica or minigrip, but the ritter mingrip looks like a good, but more expensive, choice.

You should seriously consider the Spyderco Calypso Jr. The flat grind is very nice, and it's comparable to the delica.
popsgee said:
I only have money to get one, Spyderco delica or Benchmade mini griptilian.

What price range do you think about?

Maybe you can get 2! other good knives for that?
I concur with the Ritter Mini for EDC. It's my EDC & it's a great knife.
Mini-griptilian! I am a lefty and was able to make it work for my "right" minded self. The Axis lock is great - I wish all my knives had that. I have the 555, with the thumb hole, which I prefer. Plus, look at all those colours!