Help Me Pick A New Knife!

Feb 8, 2000
Hello again folks.

I'm trying to help a friend pick out a new knife and, to be honest, I have really come up short this time. I have listed the necessary conditions below and any help would be much appreciated!

(1) 4 to 5 1/2 inch max blade length.

(2) Must be single edged (i.e. no daggers)

(3) Fixed blade only.

(4) Handle must have finger groove and thumb ramp or partial guard.

(5) IWB only or multi-position sheath.

(6) Blade must be available in a non-serrated format.

(7) Production knives only, no customs.

Again, any help would be much appreciated. Just for some info, here are a few ideas of mine that didn't pass the test:

BM Nimravus - mediocre sheath, handle to straight (not indexed enough)

Camillus (CUDA) CQB - again, handle to straight

CS Desperado - serrated only

CS Kobun - poor rubber guard
How about the Emerson police?


More details can be found here:

Dennis Bible
Check out the Razorback. It's a M.O.D. knife designed bu Massad Ayoob. 4" blade, 8.4" overall. Comes in either half serrated or non serrated and a couple of different finishes.

Good Luck!

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Shootist16, if only I knew how to type out a "bird-dog" whistle ("Wheet-wooo"?). That Emerson looks sweeeeeet! However, the blade is way too small for Moving Target's stated requirement of 4 to 5.5 inched blade.

I say BUSSE COMBAT #5. A no nonsense design. Please don't ask if there is a compass in the handle.

Now, I hope to click the "submit reply" before someone else beats me to it as usual!

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