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May 21, 2000
I've decided to get a new knife in the coming weeks, and have narrowed down my choices to the following:

Spyderco Chinook-Like the blade shape and size. CPM 440 V is great. Built tough. Has the Spyderhole. Around $100.

Spyderco Starmate-Nice straight handle. G10. Also CPM 440 V steel. Looks nice and lightweight. Blade shape looks really practical. Spyderhole. Around $100.

Microtech LCC-Love the looks. High MT quality. Looks really tough. Good steel. Everyone raves about them. Around $145.

Rekat Sifu-Nice and big. Good recurve. I really like the finger choils. Good Lock Strength. Would be more effective as a means of defense because of large size. Don't know much about Rekat. Around $130.

Emmerson Commander w/ Wave-Wave feature sounds cool. Nice recurve. Not sure about that chisel grind though, do they work? Very ergonomic handle. Have heard bad things about QC. Around $145.

I really do like the Spyderhole :D but, the other knives also open effectively. The CPM 440 V is really great stuff, so naturally the Spydercos get a little advantage. Which ever knife I choose will be used for EDC, and will very occasionally encounter heavy duty cutting. The knife will also be carried for defensive purposes. Anyone have any suggestions?
I haven't handled any of the knvies you have listed there, so take what I have to say with a grain of salt.

EDC with defense in mind? Sounds like your firts 3 choices would be better. All have great utility blades, but I think the spear point of the Starmate would be tops for your uses. LCC blade looks great for utility as well though. Chinook has wicked belly, great for slicing type tasks like skinning, maybe some food prep too. Starmate would win out on EDC tasks for me. Plus it has the steel that you prefer.

As far as defense goes, well all things being equal I would want the REKAT! But, all things aren't equal. I think that the Starmate offers the best all round features. Great utility dewsigned blade that would be easy to sharpen on all gear, the steel you prefer, has the Spyderhole which you want, and definitely could slash and poke at bad guys just fine. That woudl be my chouce for an EDC with defense in mind from your list based on your criteria.
i would consider buying two knives! I would look at the spyderco native, it has the cmp 440v that you like and it is lightweight and full of cutting power. For defense (and large knife dutties) i would look at the BM TSEK and AFCK, of the two i prefer the TSEK, they can be had for 65 bucks, they have a very wide GIN-1 blade and a strong tip. The linner lock is not the strongest lock on the block (bettered by benchmade's axis and other super locks) but in most situations it is more than you need, plus it allows for rapid deployment.

But if you want a pure self deffense folder a SIFU is probably the most vicious knife that you can find.

happy hunting

I have a few Spyderco's my favorite is my Civilian. However, I have three Sifu's (various handle and blade colors) these knives RULE!!! It is big and the quality is great. All of mine have finger grooves, (never handled non groved limited edition, not yet:D ) They have a great lock, and their flat enough to wear with jeans. However, I will say that with dress slacks or light pants the knife seems heavy.....Jeans or cargo pants = no problem...

I have heard rumors of some QC problems from REKAT in times past, never been a problem for me or my friends. But, from what I've read on the Forums if you get it and something isn't quite right send it back to them and they fix it right away.

Never handled a Micro Tech, but I have messed around with a few Emersons great knives but nothing compares to the SIFU.

If you are looking for an everday SIFU I'd reccomend black G10 handle and stone washed (silver) blade.

Just 2cents worth
I own a D2 sifu and I had to send it back for repair on the rolling lock. It is not a rumor. Quality control problems are a reality at Rekat and I experienced the terrible quality control.

Microtech quality is superb. My socom elite's quality is superior to my Rekat sifu. I've handled the LCC many times and it is top knoch in quality and materials.

If you want big get the sifu but be aware of the QC problems. If you want quality and fit and finish go with the Microtech.
Well in that case, I guess I'll just narrow it down to the 2 Spydercos and the LCC. I'm thinking about the LCC since I already have a Military in CPM 440 V. A Spyderco Wenger looks good too. Still, I like the Spydercos a lot too.
If you already have the military get the LCC, i have handled one they are great knives, i am considering buying one as well, where have you been able to find the best price?
Get yourself a Spyderco, and you will love it. The Starmate would be a good choice, or check out a Tim Wegner. I asked about the Emerson in another thread, and got negative feedback on it. Of course I was comparing it to a Microtech Socom. I am ordering a SOCOM tomorrow. I love this Forum!!!!
I was thinking about the SOCOM too since I've heard that MT was going to stop making them. I don't know though, tough decision between the SOCOM and the LCC.
I think you should not exclude the Starmate just because it has the same steel as the Military you already own.

The Wegner is a great knife, I bet. However, if you want an EDC, the Wegner and the LCC are a bit on the heavier side for carry. Plus, they ride a bit high. The Starmate is not such a low ride in the pocket but is certainly a bit lower carry. Plus, it's much lighter. I tend to view the Wegner as a knife I would carry to the woods, when hiking or hunting. It can be used effectively as a tactical knife, but its ergonomics are a bit on the bulkier side.

As an EDC I would choose the LCC or the Starmate. I already own the Starmate and can vouch for its effectiveness as an EDC kind of knife. Maybe this is a little subjective, but the knife feels like a custom the way it opens and closes so smoothly. You can easily do drop openings and maneuver it fast. Openings are lightning-quick! I think it's the perfect utility/fighter knife at 3.75" blade. Bob Terzuola tends to make blades with a tactical purpose, but the Starmate could also work for utility purposes very well. In fact, I would choose a smaller knife like the Native for utility purposes, but if you want an all-around EDC you can't go wrong with this beautiful knife. Plus, it's less expensive!

I'm sure that the LCC is also a great EDC. However, it has two shortcomings IMHO. First, it is heavier and overall much bulkier. Second, according to many LCC owners who have posted here, its pocket clip is very thin and prone to snap/fall off. If you intend to get the LCC, get the stonewashed version since the bead-blasted version, as happens with all bead-blasted blades, is prone to rust.

So, count my vote toward a Starmate!

the microtech amphibian seems to be about the same price as the LCC, have you looked at that one yet?
Flood - I am sort of leaning towards the Starmate. For some reason, the Starmate just "does it" for me on a visual level. I really love the way it looks. Plus, I'm starting to like that CPM440V more and more. The Spyderhole is also a big selling point to me, by far the easiest opening studs hands down. Being a Spyderco, I know the quality is there. One of the reasons I was considering the LCC is to simply have something different in my budding collection. The Military I bought last week (love it) was my first "real knife." Prior to that, I only had CRKT and an Endura (Which I sold BTW). So, as you can understand, I'm trying to get some nice pieces to add to the collection that I can still get a great deal of use out of.
Originally posted by ElectricZombie
Flood - I am sort of leaning towards the Starmate.

I _almost_ bought a Starmate instead of my BM750 Pinnacle.

I wear jeans almost exclusively and the textured G-10 of the Starmate coupled with the tight pocket clip made it a PIA to get in / out of my pocket.

The smoother titanium on the BM750 & Sebenza make for a much more natual "draw", instead of a struggle.