Help me with my brass Investigator issue...


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Dec 22, 2008
I just got it in the mail today, my wife saw it, and took it for herself! She stole it from me! She said it's really cool and she's always wanted a nice pen. And she loves how the ink in my Extreme Duty writes.

So now what do I do? :D

P.S. it was my first Investigator and turned out to be too small for my liking. I said I was gonna exchange it but she said no, that she wanted it.

P.P.S. she's already been eyeing the copper and flamed titanium Investigators too when I showed her the RHK website.

P.P.P.S I'm one proud hubby!
Get an extreme duty for yourself.


I have Both sizes and use the Investigator as my EDC. My Extreme Duty's are "On" my Bag. When I got my First Investigator I remember my reaction being "Oooh a little smaller than I thought it would be" - then I started using it.
Perfect size IMO. Just takes a couple days.

Congrats on having a Cool Wife. My advice for future orders though is - "Ship to the Office" Just sayin'.