Help: My Jester's blade has nicks in it

Sep 20, 2000
I was putting it to use Christmas Day, helping my niece get a toy out of a box. I had to untwist several tough wires. My handy dandy Jester performed without a protest, but I have noticed it took some hits in the battle with the box. Tiny nicks in the blade.

I'd like to send my baby back to Spyderco to have the pros sharpen the blade and do what they can with the nicks. I love my happy light green Jester. It's my EDC.

How much would it cost, do you folks think, and does anyone have an address and a contact name?

Thanks a bunch.
Aug 5, 2005
Check the Spyderco website, somewhere on there is an address for Warranty and Repairs, best to call ahead and give them a heads up and get pricing information on fixing it.

If you don't want to send it in, you could always sharpen the chips out, depending on how bad they are. Jester is AUS-6 and should be pretty easy to sharpen the dings out.

Gotta watch out for those twisty wires that hold the toys, they're made of some obscenely hard material that wreaks havoc on just about every blade steel.;)
Feb 11, 2005
You can send the knife backto W&R at the Spyderco factory in Golden.
Spyderco Inc.
820 Spyderco Way
Golden, CO 80403-8053

but i would contact first

My advise is get a Sharpmaker and learn sharpening your knives yourself, it's fun and very usefull. You can keep your knives shaving sharp, and you don't need to hassle with sending your knife back.