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HELP!!! Need advice on good steak knives

Oct 6, 2000
Don't want expensive and, in my opinion, overpriced Henckels. Want something everyday and dishwasher safe (Chicago Cutlery wood handles deteriorate in the dishwasher). Probably prefer serrated blade. Help with recommendation and thanks in advance.
Camillus has an awesome steak knife set. My mom had a set from when I was a kid, 30 - 35 years ago, still in service. Before Christmas, she said she wanted more. I was able to buy here the exact same model as a Christmas gift. Check with Will Fennell over in the Camillus Forum for details.

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For everyday use steak knives I use knives with chrome-plated handles and stainless steel blades made by Carvel Hall. The blades are probably nothing fancier than 420 stainless, but they work great in the dishwasher. I don't want my family and guests marring the surface of our china with extra hard blades so this is a decent trade off. They take a good edge and hold it better than cheap steak knives. I haven't seen any sign of handle deterioration. There are several styles to choose from:


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