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Help! need small folding knife.

Jan 16, 2001
I need a knife with a blade length of 2.5 inches. This is a far cry from what I am used to carrying, Socom, Spyderco Police, AFCK all with 4+ inch blades. I am a sales rep that works in Home Depot. I use my knife ALOT. The employees there use only a retractable razor knife that has a quarter inch of the blade showing. I hate razor knives. My companies policy is that knives should be no longer than 2.5 inches (blade) in length. My boss said he doesn't care (About my AFCK) as long as I don't leave it lying around. But I think I am going to take the path of the conformist and do the right thing. My question is what should I get? I need the knife to be one hand opening and one hand closing, sharp (with serrations),and also with a relatively long handle so I can hold it well. Any ideas? Thanks
Have you thought about a spyderco almite navigator? Right off the top of my head I can't remember the blade length. I like mine really well. The handle is sculpted so it fits your hand well.

The funny thing about this is that I can think of a whole bunch of tools at Home Depot that can cause more or the same damage as a knife. I wonder what idiots come up with these rules...

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How about one of those 2" bladed auto knives?

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The small CRKT/Lightfoot collaboration has a blade EXACTLY 2.5" long and is available with serrations!
Spyderco Navigator would be a good choice, but my recommendation would be to try and find one of the [discontinued] G-10 models.


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One of the samll stainless steel handled models would be a good choice. I use the Spyderco Delica II at work. It's a pretty good knife. The blade is 2 7/8" though.
Get a footlong SIFU and tell your boss to kiss off.

Chicago has a 2.5" ordinance, what a pain in the a$$, so I've tried many a small folder. I haven't found too many good ones (avoid the Gerber EZ-out!). Right now I am tempting fate by 1/4" with a (now discontinued) medium Spyderco mocarta goddard folder, GREAT little knife. The Spydie Calypso Jr is constructed in such a way that when you hold it, the edge projects from your hand 2.5", so that is a good choice, esp. the lightweight version with flat-ground VG-10 steel. The Spydie pro-grip is a great little work knife of around that size. I think the new CRKt tighe tac, the small version, is 2.63" which is close enough that no one will challenge you on the length, & it comes in combo-edge.

Other options are small fixed blades, like Kit Carson makes a really nice neck knife of that size you could carry in-pocket or on you belt. Also Al Mar and william Henry make some classy folders with 2.5" blades, but I don't think those come with serrations.

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I'd agree with Jason -- the small LUS from CRKT. The LUS has one heck of a sharp point, good for opening boxes.

Their new Mt. Shasta also fills the bill, 2.5" and part serrated.

If you're leaving your knife around occasionally, the CRKT knives loss wouldn't make you cry as hard as some other pricier items might.

Try the small Gerber LST (Black and Red plastic handles available)which comes with a small attachable clip. has a back lock and comes with a bead blasted 440A blade which keeps a good edge and is easy to sharpen. Put a small Bandit opening peg on it and presto you have a fairly cheap ($15-$20) easy opening knife that doesn't cause for tears if it "grows legs" and walks off and is good for cutting tape to open boxes, etc. Try SMKW as the have them in their catalogue from time to time. Good Luck Weldonk
I generally do not like smaller knives, with one exception. The Spyderco Mouse. This knife feels bigger than it is. It is a real workhorse also.

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Benchmade Mel Pardue 850s.


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I have the Spyderco Experimental which is the old version of the Almite Navigator except mine has G10 scales. The blade is under two inches but cuts like a bigger knife and the handle also makes it feel bigger. I definately second the Almite Navigator.
Bunch of nice little knives with combo edge versions I've either owned or examined closely:

- CRKT Mirage Titanium 2.3" blade. Very nice little titanium handled integral lock and can be found for about $70.
- CRKT small Mirage 2.5" blade. There are Zytel and Aluminium handled versions. Inexpensive but still good quality.
- Benchmade 850. Colorful knife with rainbow anodizing and white micarta scales. A bit pricey for the fit and finish though (about $150).
- Benchmade 855/856. Very similar to the 850 except for the G10 or Aluminium handles and lower price.
- Benchmade 330. 2.3" blade. Very light, slim and easy to carry but that's about it.

If you wanna spend more money (around $200), you get also get just about the nicest gent's folder from the William Henry line - the T10 Lancet which is available in Carbon Fibre, Amber bone or Fishtail oak.


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Probably the coolest "little knives" on the market is the Dragonfly Lightweight (C28SBK)!

It's inexpensive, just at the size that you're specifying (OAL is 5 3/8" and blade is right at 2 1/8") and is one hell of a utility knife ! !
Here's what you do: go to Smoky Mountain Knife Works (www.eknifeworks.com).

Do a search on "columbia", and sort by least expensive first. There you will find the CRKT fully-serrated medium Mirage and the part-serrated "Patton", each with a 2.5 - 2.75" blade, and each for $9.99.

Both are rock-solid thumb-stud liner locks, and easily worth 2-3 times the price (just do a search and see what they're selling elsewhere for !).

For a work knife, you can't go wrong. Don't risk messing up any of your hi-$ pieces doing razor-knife work !

I have the Mirage, and the Red Dog, which is the larger one like the Patton. Both are handsome, not tactical looking knives. I carry the mirage every day to work, and the heavier (metal handle) Red Dog with jeans on the weekends lately.
Thanks guys for all the info. I am thinking about a BM mini sryker . Blade is a bit longer than 2.5 inches BUT, in black TI it looks a really small blade. I will check out the crkt knives. I do not know much about their product but will investigate. Any more knives you can think of? Maybe an UDT as i do live in FL (40 miles from MT factory) I never realized there were so many small knives out there!
I think the Spyderco Dyad jr. would be perfect. It's small and you can open and close it with one hand and it has 2 blades, one serrated for heavy duty cutting!
Good luck!