Help needed in choosing a knife.


Jul 15, 1999
Heres what I want, a one hander with metal pocket clip. No speceifc steel type, no specefic handle materail. But it MUST be able to be completely taken apart so I can clean it. Around a 4" blade. I would like to spend $50us. And a lock back not integral locking blade. Thanks, drop me a line with your ideas.
i know i'm gonna catch hell for this but you might try a kershaw. it's not the current favorite, nor is it "tactical", but they are good solid knifes in my experience. i was just looking at knife center and they have the kershaw XXL on special for $50. it has a 4" ATS-34 blade, G-10 handles, tip-up pocket clip and thumb stud. i just got one myself. you might also check out spyderco's. they are my favorite brand and have numerous models that fit what you're looking for. good luck.
Hi Gunner,
I have just recently gotten bitten by the "I need a new knife bug". You can catch it directly from The Forum via your keyboard. No cure as of yet, but there are many treatments of various lengths, scales, and styles.

As for your question, take a look at a Gerber EZ-out. The 440 version, which I have, is in the $20-30 range. It is easy to clean, grips well, and for the price you don't feel bad when you abuse it (there is a difference between abuse and mis-abuse, I do not recommend mis-abusing any knife). The 440 does a good job holding an edge, and sharpens easy. There is also an ATS-34 version if you are so inclined.

Are you partial to studs or holes? Sounds kind of personal, doesn't it! But, if you prefer studs you might take a look at some of the Cold Steel Voyagers.

Have fun researching. Good luck. Let me know what you choose, why, and how it works out.

You didn't mention blade style (I don't think). The M-16 04 by Columbia River Knife & Tool will come in around the $50 mark and is a stout folder. 4" tanto blade with AUS-8 steel and Kit Carson's blade "flipper".