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Help on knife purchase!


Jan 6, 1999
Here is my problem. My wife knows very little about knives, and she has agreed to get me one for Christmas. I just need to give her a list of about 10 knives that I would like. Here is what I have so far:

Bob Terzoula TTF-3 w/ Ti handles
R.J. Martin Q-30
Microtech D/A Socom Clip Point
Crawford KFF
Crawford Ti Point Guard
Allen Eleshewitz Specter Ti Handle
Triple Aught Design Auto

She said to keep it in the $350 to $400 range. Anyone with any suggestions, let me know.


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Every knife you have mentioned would be an excellent choice. Are you planning on using it or collecting it. All of the knives would be great users, but I suspect some more collectible than others.

Charles West makes a really nice tactical at that price. Tightest tolerances I've ever seen in a liner lock. He's featured in TK.

Try the Arizona Custom Knives site http://www.arizonacustomknives.com and you should be able to find several good customs at your price point - layaway is available, too!
I will probably carry and use these. I have heard of Charles West before, but I don't recall what his knives look like.Brian, Does anyone know where I can find a picture of some of his work on the web?

I am very familiar with Arizona Custom knives, they are very friendly and good to do business with, I do indeed plan on contacting them, but I will have to wait until it gets closer to christmas time since they probably won't have a knife that I want now, when christmas rolls around.


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I'm planning on ordering (2) Allen Elishewitz Custom Striker's with a 4" combo 50/50 modified Tanto Blade!

Hopefully later this summer it will happen for me

So, it sounds like An Allen Elishewitz is in order, or should I say it should be at the top of the order. You did give yourself a hard decision here, but hey, go for the Elishewitz Specter IMO

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Charles West is also featured in this month's T.K.in an article by Anthony Lombardo
Brian, thanks for the link to the picture. Do you have any contact information on Mr West. Thanks in advance,

Brian H
Well, someone has to say it.



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If RJ's folders are anything like his fixed blades then thats the one I would purchase I had a kozuka for a while man was it ever sharp "scary sharp"
Just my opinion

If I had money to spend on a nice new folder, it would definyely be one from Mel Sorg, who makes knives under tha name MadPoet Custom Knives. See then at www.angelfire.com/mn/madpoet . He makes two folders, one is a REALLY, REALLY classy friction folder, and the other is an absolutely beautiful lockback design that he's come up with. Totally cool! I have four of his fixed blades and they are all incredible. At your price range, too, you could probably get both the friction folder and the lockback with custom options on both! ;-) Do yourself a favro and check out Mel's work...

Thanks for the URL to MadPoet Custom Knives. His designs look functional, and beautiful at the same time. I will have to give him a call some time soon. Someone I know put in a customer order with him and I can't wait to see it when it arrives. Very reasonablely priced.
the lightfoot 458 is an excellent knife well worth considering.It is one of my favorites in my collections