Help, please. How long to ship US priority mail?

Oct 3, 1998
On Tuesday morning of the 20th I was told that a knife I ordered had already been shipped by US priority mail. If it is going from Maryland to Northern Nevada, how long should it take? I am trying to figure out what happened. Details are in the DK thread on Good, Bad, Ugly forum.


Usually priority mail takes 3 days or so, but there so many variables. I wouldn't panic just yet. The last 2 times I ordered from DK it took about a week (I am in AK), the first time it only took two days.

I think the quality of the mail personell have alot to do with the speed of an order, and perhaps Brian has a post office that is lacking. I know mine is slow. Give it a week, and if it ain't there, then give DK a call...or mail...several times...


Thanks for the reply. I actually ordered it on 4/13/99. I got an email response (to my inquiry) on the 20th stating that it had been shipped, didn't say when. Been shipped, not will be shipped.

dfh, I live in north-central nevada. I know one time I sent a money order priority mail to tennessee, and it didn't get there for over a week. On the 14th of this month, I sent a money order for two monster talons priority mail to the bladeforums, and it's now the 24th. I figure one week for priority mail to get the letter (order and money order) back east, a day or two for the dealer to fill and ship ( again priority mail ), and a week for it to get back west to me. Arrrrghh!!! I do try to limit myself to three trips to the post office a day during the second week.

I live in Sun Valley, just north of Reno, as you know, and it usually takes no more than 3 days at the most for me to get knives, etc. from back East.
Good Luck, and i would get on the phone and find out whats happening.
Danny you might see if it has a tracking number..(ask the vendor)they have a site...USPS..for tracking all priority mail. But I bet you will get it Monday...oh boy

There is no tracking for Priority Mail at the Post Office. There is Delivery Confirmation only. This can be checked at the following only if you have a number from the sender.

Priority Mail is usually 2-3 day with no guarantee. In the real world this could be anywhere from 2-7 days depending on location. Northern Nevada is bad, I know, I live in S. Idaho, work for the USPS as a Priority & Express Mail clerk, ( no comments please ). Your mail has to come out of SLC or RNO or Twin Falls, Idaho. Hang in there!!!!!


Thanks for the info. It is Monday evening and no package so far. I used that webpage and a number supplied by DK. It doesn't show as being in the system. According to your statement, it won't show until delivered. I don't think I like that kind of a system. It doesn't seem to serve any purpose. It has been 13 days now since I ordered it.


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I have sent alot on knives via priority mail. They usually are there in about 3 days but I have had them take as long as a little over a week. The only thing the P.O. gaurantees is over nite delivery. If you want piece of mind go UPS or Fed X and get a tracking number so you can watch its progress.
DK emailed me that the package has been returned to them by the Post Office as undeliverable. Thank you for your replies.

Do priority packages come directly to my mail box, or do I have to go to the PO to pick it up. If so, how am I notified? -AR

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Can't blame the P.O. on my delay, much. My package was shipped UPS. I thought it was going to be sent priority mail, so just gave the P.O.Box., not street address when I sent the order in. Got postcard yesterday from UPS saying they couldn't deliver to a mailbox. Called them and it should be here this PM.
It usually takes 4 days for me to get priority mail here to Kodiak island which by reading the other responses isn't too bad. Of course I have seen it take longer. All in all, it's a pretty good bargain compared to using UPS or Fed Ex air delivery.