Help remove mark from new k ife

Jan 16, 2019
Hey Hi guys. First post. I sharpened a new Spyderco tenacious on a work sharp ken onion. Does a great job. However, it left a mark on both sides. First time this has happened to me. Any ideas how to remove without hurting it?

Can’t seem to load pics. Will try later today. Looks like light scratches or even scuff marks.
Not sure about removing the marks but, it's been mentioned here that using blue masking tape on the blade before hand cuts down on marks in the first place. Good luck with this, and I'll be watching as I have a couple with marks on them from other things I'd like to see If I could get rid of.
Would you believe I normally always put painters tape on my knives when I sharpen?!? I should have been more cautious.