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Help Removing Emerson`s ``Wave``

Oct 2, 1998
I`m getting a second Emerson Commander. Call me crazy, but as nifty as the ``Wave`` feature is, there are times I`d prefer it not be there.
To this end, when my second Commander arrives, I plan to remove the little hook that makes up the ``Wave.``
I am not a handy man of any sort. I don`t own many tools. This is not what I am good at. So, given those circumstances, does anyone have any ideas for how to remove the ``Wave`` expeditiously and without uglying up the knife?
All suggestions graciously accepted.


Jim Six
Adventure, Intrigue & Cheap Thrills
A Dremmel tool would be the magic fix for that, and it's also a great tool for recessing liner locks on some knives (ie: Benchmade, etc). You could do a nice smooth job that wouldn't leave any burrs.

You see them (or their clones) on sale at Sears and the like for about $30-ish on up. Once you have one you will find other uses for it.

Otherwise ask around, lots of folks have them.

A Dremel tool with a cutting disk will do the job. I've cut through 1/4" A2 steel with it. Just make sure that you have some water handy to keep the blade cool.