help Spark!

May 11, 1999
For some reason I cann't get in the shop talk forum. When I try to pull it up all I get is a white screen and my too; bar will show "3k" and just sit there. Can you help me out?

Ditto Spark. Mine sits at "69 bytes read" for a long time til I get frustrated and hit another forum. FYI, this is the only forum with this problem.


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OK I am checking into it now. Most likely someone put some weird ass character into a thread title.

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Mike Turber
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mike,spark,whoever else...
i know your working on it,just wanted to add that it aint working for me either.
oh yeah,keep up the good work on the site.

EDITED:i hope that last remark didnt sound really enjoying the site,im learning more every day...great place.

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