Help !!!! Squared tip on Delica !


Jan 31, 1999
Ahhhhhh !!!!

I do not use my knives hard, heck I barely use them. Packages, mail, loose threads etc. I just noticed that the tip on my Delica is squared. It's only a teeny tiny portion that's apparently broken off (much smaller than a chad
), but it IS square.
Added to the problem is this is fully serrated, so the last 1/4 inch or so is the only plain edge part of the blade, and it's great for piercing or fine delicate work.

Is there any way to restore the tip ?

PS: I just got a Sharpmaker in the mail and I have been practicing sharpening some of my POS knives, is there any way this tool can be used to fix the tip ?
Gee fellas, thanks for all your help.

It's been over 3 hours, I can't wait for responses. I am presently using the groove in the coarse rods of the Sharpmaker on the back of the blade in an attempt to re-profile the tip back to a point. Seems to be working pretty well, I'll report on my success,
RH, having reprofiled several wood carving knives whose tips I managed to snap off, I can tell you that you are on the right track. You need to regrind the profile by removing lots of metal. Put the edge straight down on the stone and regrind the profile to a point. It's hard work by hand. It might go faster on a norton crystalon stone or any really coarse stone. Then you will need to re-bevel the edges. You might find that easier re-doing the tip by hand, or by using an up and down motion on your Sharpmaker stones. Good luck


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Hey RH, I had the same seems the tips are semi-weak on the Delica's. Heck, I dropped mine on the carpet and the tip broke off....... I usually just take mine with me to my knife shows I work and give it to the guy that sharpens knives there on his wheel...heck, I had it sharpened so many times I 've really reduced the length of the heck..I gave it away! I have heard the new models are supposed to have stronger tips tho.

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2 ways to deal with this:

1 - reprofile from the spine. This will save time on reprofiling the edge but will alter the blade geometry.

2 - reprofile from the edge. Harder to do but worth it. Just grind back to a point and then reprofile the 1/4" tip to an even chisel grind. I've done this twice and both times it would take an expert to tell that the tips were redone. A tip: once the chisel is nice and smooth, add a slight bevel on the other side. RAZOR SHARP! and I think it keeps the edge better. Just my opinion though.


I'm with Chang--but not in a romantic way, that's for sure. My friend Doug, the handsomest man in Stoughton, Wisconsin, put his Benchmade 970SBT where he shouldn't have, and broke the tip. I put it on the Edge-Pro, and to keep all of the blade's plains aligned, first sharpened the belly with a 220 grit. I then pushed the Tanto grind back with the 180 grit, stropped and polished. (Chang: I chose the 180 because I prefer to work 'slower.' You can always take more metal off...)--OKG
Thanks for the input guys. (really !)

All I can say is this Sharpmaker is dynamite ! I can see that I am on my way to becoming a sharpening addict - putting an edge on every tool in the drawer, freshening them up after opening the mail, etc. After years of struggling with freehand stones and actually dulling more than sharpening at times, it is gratifying to actually put an edge on a blade that I can be proud of.

Back to the story... I thought more and realized that the groove of the rods was putting a rounded profile on the edge, so I switched over to the flat of the coarse stones. I was afraid of touching the edge, so I attacked from the spine. It was a really small piece broken off, but still and all, these stones worked - and quick ! The point now has a little drop off at the end to bring it to a point, kinda like the 'tooth' that SOG put on their Pentagon Elite (I think that's the model). Only myself or a serious Spyderco fan could tell the difference, and the point is probably a bit stronger now than it was originally. By the way, this is the newer, 98 version.

Hey man, isn't it great when you finally get the edge on a Sharpmaker? I still can't believe I can sharpen my own knives. Hell, I just got done re-doing my NEW L-CC because even MT's aren't sharp enough outta the box.
Anyway, take the grey stones, and use the 40 degree angle, flats...and angle the knife so that the point faces almost straight down, (maybe a 45 or steeper) you'll have to position yourself directly over the Sharpmaker. Now, start at the top, and go all the way down on one side, then the other. Check the tep, after every side to side motion, to make sure you're keeping the angle you want. When you're all done, lay a grey stone flat, and run the spine down it, to kinda angle it downward. Sounds like you may have already gotten it. God luck man.

The nicest thing about the Delica is that when you screw it up, you can just buy a new one.