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Help tight Balisong

Jun 3, 1999
I recently aquired a balisong from the Philipines, and it is so tight that it is unable to open freely. Others I have seen open freely but there is substantial wiggle from the blade. Is this normal (it is difficult to compare because California prohibits the sale of Balisongs)? How can I get my knife to open freely and work properly while keeping the wiggle down to a minimum. Do I simply need to work the blade and handles back and forth for the next 12 years? HELP!

Tight isn't necessarity a good thing
They're all tight when they're new; play with it for a couple of hours and it'll loosen up nicely, and soon it'll be wobbling all over the place (which is okay as long as it's rigid when latched).

-Cougar Allen :{)
I had an original balisong from the phillipines and the only way I was able to get it to open like it should was to keep spraying it in the pivot area with lubricant and constantly open & closing.It seemed to take forever.Good Luck,RS
heres an old trick from folder makers, in the days when they were all pounded together, put the blade in a vise.....and very gently (knive is open, handle is in your hand) tweek the handle back and forth.. this works great.....only be gentle...if you decide you did it too much you can always take a ball peen hammer and tighten it back up......ive done it many times for friends with worn out bucks...etc....