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help to id lost BM

May 23, 1999
Hello, after many years of carrying my old benchmade folder , it finally has happened. I have lost my old friend. I have looked at all the pages i can find
trying to see this knife again. but to no avail. could you please maybe advise me what model it might have been so i can possibly contact a collector and get another? my knife was bought in the early 80's and if i remember the dealer had 3 sizes. mine had approx 3 1/4 - 3 1/2 inch blade, thumb disc on top, rubber inlays on a zytel type hard black handle.
the handle was not straight , it had a semi roundness underneath to it with a index finger grip .it had the butterfly covering the pivot point in its youth also.this knife was thin too, like about 3/8". i dont know blade types but ill try to describe it. had a bevel running to tip , was not a drop pointed , more uplift to it
blade was silver, thumbdisc was black , rubber inlays had a checkering to them.knife had lanyard hole in end of grip.I really miss this blade guys, have lost dear pets
and gals i did not miss like this. tried substitutes like bucks,gerbers,cases,generic
junk folders (ack!) but no go. if you have any ideas what benchmade this was please post
a response.i need to know the model so then i can contact collectors to find one. Thanks
for any help. Sincerely John Hall Live Oak Fl.
I dont know for sure, but it may have been the monarch folder. There are a lot of people on here that know alot more about Benchmade than I do, so they may be of more help. Just a guess, hope it helps.

Yeah I have to agree with Richard it sounds like the Monarch folder.Not sure how long exactly they have been out of production.

Now I dont know if this is your folder or not, but it seems to make your description sound like an advertisement for the picture below
I really hope this was what you were looking for. Its the Benchmade Monarch 501.

<img src="http://www.maverickcomm.com/benchmade/bm501.JPG" align=center valign=middle alt="Benchmade 501 Monarch">

Dark Nemesis

All of God's Critters may have knives, but most of them are stamped with the name BENCHMADE
Hey man, guess what...I have had one of those damned things for sale for over a year or so now and no one wants it. It takes that special someone to call this knife an old friend...hahahaha. It is NIB and I believe we have it for $30 or so. Maybe a little less. Not sure at the moment. I almost sold it this weekend, but it's just an ugly duckling that didn't appeal to his (and many others) taste. -AR

- Intelligent men, unfortunately, learn from fools, more often than fools learn from intelligent men.

Wait...that may not be it. It seems like the one we have has the butterfly inserts at the opposite end of the handle, and I don't remember the false edge. It could be though. it has a big ol fat aluminum thumb disk like that one. Could mine be a different knife??? -AR

- Intelligent men, unfortunately, learn from fools, more often than fools learn from intelligent men.