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help to identify japanese "katana"?

Oct 11, 1998
Im sitting here with a Katana like sword. Everything looks real but the blade....
There is something you sometimes find on knives and at some swords but I have never seen it on a Katana. I dont now the english word for it but the function is to let blood out when you stab the blade in your opponent. Anyone who have seen such a japanese sword before. I guess this is a ww2 sword or somewhere around that time if not a fake...
They said its a rare sword. So, anyone who know about this type of sword or a good www to search further on I´ll be waiting.
Sorry no pictures.
Stay sharp
Hi Wolvenstein, the sword has a blood grove down the side. This very much wanted by swordsmen. I have been told that this makes the sword sing in the air when handled right. It is best if you take it to a sword apreser (can't spell) you can find them in the yellow pages under "Antiques". But be carful and show it to more dealer.

Danny Ridenhour
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I read that this is called fuller or "blood grove". Traditional Katana also has these features.

But as the katana is seldom a piercing weapon, I think the function of it is meanly to lighten and balance the sword.

Evaluating Japanese swords are tricky and I think you need the help of professionals. What looks like a crap can worth very much after restoration by a good polisher and vice versa.

Joe Leung
Thank you for all good advices. I followed another track and found Walt Welch mentioning a very good site http://www.gemlink.com/~rstein/sites.htm

My sword has some kind of bloodgroove, not as distinct as sword nr 6, the NCO sword and no serialnumber.

The blade is, mounted, 27 inch and the blood groove 21,6 inch long.

There are 3 menukis on each side, cherry blossom. Also cherryblossom at kabutogane, pommel, and the tsuba, 2.8 inch. Handle is ray and traditionally wrapped. Looks very much as sword number 3 which is a handmade one.

The scabbard are in wood with leather cover 28,4 inch just as in no 3.

So the question is, where there any hybrids between the NCO and handmade ww2 swords.

I still feel confused but now on a higher level..

Any one who knows any more good sites of ww2 katanas?

Stay sharp