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Help! Took apart my knife and now it's off centered.

Discussion in 'Maintenance, Tinkering & Embellishment' started by lancenat, Aug 2, 2018.

  1. lancenat


    Apr 14, 2015
    Hi all,

    Been lurking for quite a while but never had a reason to post. I come to y'all with a slight little issue. Took apart my Ruike P841-L prematurely cause I was planning to dye the scales black - then couldn't find the paint at the walmart I went to; put it back together and now it's off centered (see picture below). I thought maybe the pivot wasn't tight enough but there's only one side that has the Torx hole, so not sure how else to tighten that or if there's anythin else that could be causing this. Any tips would be much appreciated!
    [​IMG] https://imgur.com/a/tFf4KTN
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2018
  2. jpm2


    Nov 19, 2014
    Not familiar with your knife, but this usually works for me.
    Loosen all the screws, center the blade, over tighten the pivot screw with blade still centered, tighten all other screws with blade still centered, loosen pivot screw to your liking.
  3. Lapedog

    Lapedog Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 7, 2016
    Search youtube for Nick Shabazz centering trick.
  4. lancenat


    Apr 14, 2015
    Thanks you two! I will take a look at the video and try out those methods as well.
  5. rpttrsn


    Nov 1, 2006
    I use the same method as Lapedog with bad centering on a knife. Instead of cardboard I use a small wooden wedge.
  6. lancenat


    Apr 14, 2015
    Thanks to you all who responded, finally got time to get around to fixing it and it looks back to when I got it, nice and centered! :)
    NG VI likes this.

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