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HELP WANTED: Modifying a Commander


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Oct 5, 1998
I'm after an Emerson Commander, but will only be interested in I can get someone to "fix" it for me.
Commanders have a double ground blade, but a chisel ground edge. I need the chisel grind to be re-ground to a "normal" double ground 20 degree angle on each side, so I can sharpen it on my Sharpmaker on the "40" setting. I may also wish to have it satin finished to 400 or 600...which ever is a nice, usable finish similar to a Benchmade or Spyderco. Does anyone know who could do this for me? Thanks!!!

You might have better luck at the "Shop Talk" forum. Whoever does it make sure they know what they are doing. I'd hate to see a Commander go to waste.

It is possible to do this with your Sharpmaker, but it will need a lot of elbow grease. It took me about six hours in total (and several sessions), but after two weeks I finally had a properly ground "double vee" CQC7A (and I still believe that it should have been like that from the factory, but let's not open the same can of worms again).
Good luck!