HELP- What knife for Groomsmen gifts?

Feb 25, 1999
Well, I am getting married on June 5th and have just found out from the significant other that we are to get gifts for the people in our wedding. (HUMM... Is it just me, or is it the guy that is the last one to know these traditions??) My wife to be got potporie for her brides mades, felt that this would not be a good gift for guys.

From which comes my problem, I would love to get them all knives. My problem is what type of knife could I get for around 25$ (4*25=$100, alot for a college student) that is not lame?

Need some suggestions, what type of knife and where to buy it from.

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I got my best man a Leatherman Micra and he has had it on his keyring ever since.

He was always talking the p**s about my knives but now admits that his micra is very usefull - small beginings but better than nothing.

If you can get the ones in the little blue goft boxes all the better as they also come with a lttle pouch.

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Congratulations on your impending umm...nuptials. The Victorinox Super Tinker is a nice carry knife with lots of uses but not too big to put in your pocket. Discount Knives has them for $27.23 each.

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Spide -- congrats and good luck on the wedding!

The Micra is a good suggestion. Also, you might want to consider small gentleman's knife from Remington, Case, etc.


Where to buy from? Check the dealers link on the front page...

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Thanks for asking the question, as I have been wondering the same thing! I have a year left to think about it, though (the gift, that is...;-) Anyway, if any of your groomsmen are cigar smokers, you can get great gifts in that range, too.
Take a look at the Gerber Silver Knight for sale at the Store @ $20. It's a great classy little knife and the front bolster is large enough for initial engraving.



Spide, congrats on your upcoming step into wedded bliss.

I went through the same thing last July and I had seven groomsmen to buy for (well….eight including myself, I wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity for buying knives and not get myself one
) . All of my groomsmen collect knives as well so I had to find something they didn’t have and inexpensive. I finally went with Cold Steel’s Para Edge neck knives. Really not too bad of knives and a decent Kydex sheath as well. These knives go for about $21.88 to $25.00 (Discount Knives) depending on the blade style you choose (4 different styles). They were pretty well received by my guys.

I’ve also received mini-mag flashlights as groomsmen’s gifts before. I looked on Discounts web site and they had a Mini-Mag flashlight and Victorinox Classic knife combo package for $21.57, that might be a nice package to look into.

Good luck and have fun.

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I think Buck makes little gents folders in several styles also and at prices within your range. These are also suitable for engraving, at least some of them, with the all metal scales. Good luck Ryan.
I like the longer Victorinox Swiss Army Knives with the 3.35" locking blades. See page 8 of the Victorinox catalog on website. I carry the Adventurer since it has a philips screwdriver, but the Hunter is really cool.
I think the Micra is perfect and very affordable.

God bless!

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I have the Remington pictured above and the Gerber mentioned above. The are both great knives for the money. Non-knife carrying folks may get more use out of a mini multi-tool though.

I got all my groomsmen damascus Halos.

I gave all my groomsmen Spyderco Calypso Jrs. They're a touch more expensive than the typical groomsmen gift, but if you look around you'll find some killer prices on them. Plus with some of the internet dealers, you can make a deal if you're buying 6 or 7 of 'em. The guys *loved* 'em! Even the one non-knife-guy among us.

I like all the above suggestions and won't repeat them. Cold Steel also makes a little key ring knife that is very sharp, Tuff-Lite, but might not be as impressive for the price.

If you go for the Micra, a safe/good choice that all will find some use for, I saw them at Costco for just under $18 ??? and I believe something else might have been thrown in.

A non-knife choice would be a Photon Micro-Light. In this regard I'll take the liberty of inserting a post from rec.knives of early May 1999, which has the posters signature at the end. I hope it works legibly and no one minds.
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Thanks for your contribution.

Spide, you have been given some great ideas in the above posts. If the guys aren't really into knives - I vote for the SAK - go for one of the standard ones, the Tinker for example. If they are into knives or the outdoors consider a Spyderco Delica. Now I'm from Canada (our prices are higher) and am not sure if it would fit into your budget, but it is a great little knife (perhaps one the best 'bang for the buck' deals around). A check of some of the online dealers should give you a feel for the price.

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I agree, the Leatherman Micra is a great choice.

This would add to the cost, but why not have their names or initials engraved on it with the date of your marriage?

Are the groomsman knife people?

BTW, Congratulations!
You guys are geniuses. Another typical gift I give to gadget people is: a PHOTON LIGHT attached to a MICRA. Guys flip over this!

This is what I did. I got them a small Buck I think they were a 525. On one side they had a seen of a deer in the woods. On the otherside I had their initials and the date of my wedding engraved on it. They all really liked them alot.Even my a hole best man.
Spide - Congratulations. We've had luck with engraving the names or initials on stainless Dragonfly's.