Help with a new Leatherman Blast

Oct 22, 2002
I got a Leatherman Blast for Christmas. I like it a lot. I have an older Gerber that I carried for about 2-3 years that is like old comfy pair of shoes. Two minor problems with the new Blast: First the dang leather sheath is so tight and the tool will only go into using one end but not the other.. Second, the tools are are quite difficult to deploy. Will they loosen up with use. I have lubricated each tool and have tried to work it out but they are still very stiff. I know "Patience is a virture". Thanks for any help in advance.
I don't have the Blast but I think I can field the questions. Many tools will only fit into the sheath one way. It's actually a good thing in my opinion as you'll get used to pulling it out in the same position. The implements should free up with will miss the feel of the Gerber, but this too will pass.;)
Hi coop1957
I have a Leatherman Blast and think it is an amazing tool. I have had mine for a little over a year, and find that most of the tool blades have loosened up with use. Some of the screwdrivers are still a little difficult to open, but I am not sure if the lock contributes to this. I have heard about people "flicking" open their Leatherman tools to expose the pliars much like the butterfly knife, and mine will do this very easily. My Blast goes into the sheath pliars end first, and there is considerable "play" with the tool in the sheath as I can hear the tool rattling in this position. With the lock end down first, my tool snags on the sheath with removal, presumably because of the design of the lock (i.e. the end of the lock that is depressed asts like an anchor, as it sticks out farther than the end locking the tool: hope this makes sense?).
Anyway, I use my Blast daily and love it. I also use a variety of Vic SAKs but find myself returning to the Blast for EDC.
Since both handles are the same from the outside, I have placed a small strip of duct tape on the side with the blade so I can find it easily. Also, I use extra virgin olive oil on the pivots of the tools as I use the Blase for food preparation as well (never know when you will be need it as your sole means of a survival tool). I have not had any problems with the blade or tools seizing up from using the olive oil, and it does not leave an odour on the tool like WD-40, but then again this has been my experience.
Sorry for the length of the post, but I hope it is helpful.
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Thanks for the replies. I now understand the logic of the tool going into the sheath in only one direction. It always comes out the same way and this is an aid in quick presentation or draw of the tool. As far as loosening up of the tool, my son spent a couple of hours working all the moving parts. He used some Militec Synthetic Based Metal Conditioner on it. This stuff is works great as a lubricant / protector. I use it on all of my firearms and knives. WD40 does more harm than good. It is a Water Dispersant not a lubricant. Another great lubricant is MOBIL 1 Synthetic Oil. If it can protect Formula 1 engines at 12,000 rpm it will work just fine on a Multitool.
I have a Blast, and have actually replaced my Wave with it. The advantage of the one handed opening blades on the Wave made it look ideal to me at first, but those very same blades, big and protruding as they are, have caused me to have many a blood blister on my thumb as the pliers close (same effect as the older Gerbers have). Plus I work in a very sandy environment, and sand was always getting into the locking mechanisms of the Wave, as well as in other nooks and crannies. The Blast doesn't bite (there is plenty of room between the handles when using the pliers), and it's design makes it alot better as far as collecting sand where it shouldn't be. It has almost the same tool selection as the Wave, and I like the old-school Leatherman look of the tool. It did have some tight blades when I first got it, real tight. However, yes, with use, they will loosen up. I still have one or two tools that are still tight, but it's because I don't use them all that often. Good solid tool that's lightweight and dependable. You'll forget about your old Gerber in no time with this bad boy.
I've been carrying my Blast since about Dec. '04 and have only had good things to say about it. For a while I'd been considering getting the new Wave, but I figured why? The Blast seems to fit my needs in a multi-pliers tool just fine. My sheath is the nylon(?) one which I prefer to wear horizontally. At first I felt the bead-blasted tools a bit questionable, and while I still would prefer they be satin-finished like the older models, so far that hasn't been a problem, either.
WD40 does more harm than good. It is a Water Dispersant not a lubricant.

There's nothing particularly special or harmful about WD40. It's mostly Stoddard solvent with relatively small amount of light mineral oil. For something like knives, it's a perfectly reasonable lubricant.

The Leatherman blades seem to loosen up a bit over time.