Help with care of leather handled knife!

Oct 12, 1999
Hello all! I've jsut finished "restoring" a friend's knife but I'm not sure what I should do about the leather handle.

It's not damaged or really dry, but I would like to put something on it to help prevent any future damage from moisture or drying out.

What do I use?

Thanks in advance.
Brown shoe polish does all the things you want and darkens the handle just a wee bit in a way that I think looks cool. I like to apply a thin coat and buff several times. Rub it in good!


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Just curious, does anyone use saddle soap for this or even on leather sheaths?

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I tried saddle soap before I got smart about knives. Don't do it! It softens the leather to the point that it goes damn-near limp!!! Not a good thing to have happen when going to resheath your knife and it cuts through the backside of the sheath and slices the Grand Canyon in your hip. 14 stitches and a kydex sheath later I learned my lesson.
I would use it on the handle, though.
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Sno-Seal, available at Wal-Mart, is the best product I've used.
I was thinking about Sno-seal but I wasn't sure about using on the handle. Thanks for all your help guys!
If you have a heat gun or a hairdryer, use that as well. You would be surprised how much sno-seal will soak into the leather if the handle is warm. If you use the heat gun, be gentle with it because it can discolor the leather.


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Wax shoe polish works great and is long-lasting.
Sno-seal sounds like a good idea; it's beeswax. I've only used it on boots.
Renaissance wax is good on sheaths, but haven't tried it on handles.
(Saddle soap is for cleaning and SOFTENING leather clothing, boots, and saddles).
"Blackrock Leather N Rich" with a carnuba wax base is really good.
Thanks for the saddle soap info.

I sure don't need the Grand Canyon carved into my leg!!!

And even more important, I sure don't want to ruin a good sheath.

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