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Jul 8, 2015
Hi everyone, I am getting back into traditionals and after a year or so returning to BF. I don't know much about GEC at all. I used to have a 15 that I got in a trade. It was modified into a sheepsfoot and had ebony scales with no bail. My question is, what unmodified model is that? Also, do GEC keep models in production or is everything done in runs? Sorry for the long post and thanks for any help, I'm looking forward to returning to BF!
Hi there. I think the only way someone could answer your #15 question is if you posted a picture of the knife.

As for your other question, GEC definitely produces things in runs. They return to rerun patterns, but we'll often go a couple years, if not more, before seeing some rerun.

However, I think 15s are a frame we've seen run more frequently, although often not in exactly the same configurations without a lot of time in between.

There's a lot of information about GEC spread across a lot of different threads here. But below you will find one where you could read a lot of useful information about GEC in one place.

I hope this helps.
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Welcome back.
Here's a link to the GEC catalog of patterns CLICK HERE.
If you scroll down to the 15's and click on the links to see the pics (which you can click on to make larger), you might recognize the knife you used to have.