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Feb 4, 1999
Well as I stated in another thread Having gotten a Sebenza some three years ago I have little reason or need to follow up on what are the latest and greatist in folders. Drag too because I just recieved my new Cutlery Shoppe catalog (Great place to buy by the way)and I cant believe how far folder designs have come. Jeez there were at least a dozen folders that were just wonderful to look at. And from so many manufacturers now. WOW ! Anyway Im buying gifts for my fulltime employees. One is getting a Leatherman Pulse, one a sensa pen and I would like to get one a Decent Folder. Now Pre Sebenza I was a spyderco Guy but after seeing all these cool folders I thought I might expand my horizons and even if I cant buy any folders for myself at least I still have the fun of buying a new folder. I want to keep it to around 40 -50 dollars. I dont want to get sucked in by a pretty face and the guy Im giving it to is a tool guy so it should be well built. Any suggestions??

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I would look at something from CRKT. They have quite a few to choose from in that price range. I have a M16-03Z and I love it. A real solid knife for the price. Also maybe something from Buck. Particularly the 110. Just my two cents. Hope this helps.
Alex, I'm not really buying a lot of production knives lately, but I did buy CRKT/KFF in the large and small with plain edges. They fit the price you want, I think the Crawford/Kasper design fits the hand really nice. The LAWK lock and the way they are built might satisfy a tool guys requirements. Besides being one of the smoothest folders I own, I think they are great knives for the money. The Pointguard looks nice also, check them out.

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hey alex, i agree with the above posts. i am not into prod. folders myself MUCH lately, but a little bit. i think CRKT would be a good choice. i like the carson designed m16 folders.

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Don't make the mistake of overlooking the Voyager Series folders by Cold Steel. They might be just a little bit over your price-range, but they are still a great value for your money.

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The Spyderco Delica, Endura, Native, and Calypso Jr. lightweight are in your price range and are very hard to beat.



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Chalk up a recomendation for the Spyderco Goddard Lightweight.

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I believe you can get a zytel handled Magna for $50. Designed by some famous knife dude... can't remember his name... maybe someone HERE can refresh my memory???

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